It’s True, The Wife Can Drop the Ball On Anniversaries Just As Flawlessly


Amidst all this fundraising not only have I almost forgotten Thanksgiving is in 3 days, but until about 5:00pm Tuesday I realized that today, November 25th, is my 8 year anniversary to Brandon. I have blown it – officially. And…. I need a nap – desperately. This fundraising business is exhausting when you are running a business, twin 4 year olds, and missing a husband who seems to be traveling a lot these past two months. Apparently I think I am still in college and a concoction of Mt. Dew and Red Bull is all I need to pull off miracles. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So here is my ode to my lovely family and past 8 years. It all started at this little school called Sierra Vista oh about 28 years ago. You know, when I had a crush on my now husband…and made the mistake of telling him a few years ago. Now what was an innocent crush has turned into, “her life-long dream was to marry me”, if you ask him. I just let him believe that – whatever makes you happy, 2

A 10 year high school reunion, wedding, opening a business, several trials and tribulations starting a family, a house quickly followed by IVF 2 weeks later, a difficult pregnancy, beautiful twin girls, an open heart surgery procedure and a total of 8 years of marriage later here we are. It’s been crazy, often times trying and but most times, fun.

wedding collage dress

The most stunning result of our union

wedding collage dress 2

Capturing their innocence in a field in Mommy’s wedding dress. Their most favorite day ever….and one of mine.

Unfortunately there won’t be any fancy dinners or celebrating tonight and we can never top our vow renewals in a Vegas drive-thru (that’s an entire other blog post – but I must say, I highly recommend it regardless of how proper you think you are). But that doesn’t mean I will let this day go unnoticed without saying Happy Anniversary to the greatest husband and Daddy in the world.

wedding vegas

Best last minute family bonding idea ever.

Thanks for it all! I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else!

wedding collage 1