We believe it’s important to take care of nearby neighborhoods when they are in need. By showing our compassion we not only help restore the neighborhood; we create a long-term ripple effect.

The Compton Initiative is a southern California non-profit organization which aims to restore the City of Compton through quarterly volunteer workdays. On a typical workday, volunteers of all ages and abilities help with projects throughout the city. Projects may include planting flowers, picking up debris, graffiti removal, or painting a school, house, or church. To date, The Compton Initiative has restored 1,300+ sites including 676 houses, 167 murals, 36 schools, 418 school buildings, 36 churches, 2 medical clinics, and 1 community garden.

Lucky for our ambassadors who love spreading kindness, The Compton Initiative is having one of their quarterly workdays this month! For this month’s campaign, we encourage you to step up and sign up to volunteer!

Save the Date! The next Compton Initiative event is Saturday, April 21, 2018, from 7:30-11:30 am.

Helping restore a neighborhood in need changes the way a neighborhood looks through our physical labor. However, it’s the love and compassion we show that truly has a lasting impact on the people who live in these neighborhoods. Youth are more likely to succeed when they are proud of their school and want to be there every day. Families enjoy more quality time with each other when there are places, like parks, for them to go to that are well maintained. People are generally in better health because they are happier and motivated. Having a sense of pride in where one lives builds confidence and hope!

How to Do This Month’s Campaign

    • Sign up for The Compton Initiative event through this link or by emailing hello@theinfinitesmile.com
    • Arrive on the day of the event ready to do some good!

If you can’t make the event or aren’t local to southern California, but still want to participate in this month’s campaign you can help by donating through this link. All donations will go toward funding supplies for volunteers or a community garden project. Want to get more hands-on in a neighborhood near you? See if you have a Habitat for Humanity nearby and contact them to find out when they have volunteer work days coming up.

Supplies for this event are provided by The Compton Initiative. All you need is yourself and a positive attitude!

One day your neighborhood might be the one in need. By helping neighborhoods that require our attention, we lift up the spirits of the people and maybe inspire them to create a ripple effect as well.

Reflection Questions

  1. What are some things you love about your neighborhood?
  2. How did it make you feel to participate in The Compton Initiative event?
  3. In what way did you change someone’s life after participating in the event? How do you think they feel?
  4. What was your favorite part about helping a neighborhood in need?