This month we celebrate Earth Day! We are so fortunate to live in such beautiful places where we get to explore and play every day! Personally, the mountains are home and there is nothing that compares to waking up to smell the fresh mountain air, swimming in glacier run-off lakes, hiking and picking berries in the forest, and watching a summer meteor shower. Wherever you call home…near the beach, on a farm, in the city, or in the desert; we all appreciate the places we live and probably want to keep them a place that we’ll enjoy for a long time.

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The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970, when twenty-million Americans took to the streets in protest to demand a healthy, sustainable environment. As a result, by the end of that year, the United States Environmental Protection Agency was established and the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts were passed by Congress. Since 1970, many people have changed the way they live to support a lifestyle focused on protecting the Earth. However, as the population grows so does consumption, housing development, and pollution; and the challenge to sustain a habitable planet becomes greater. This month’s challenge focuses on the love and kindness you can show the Earth to help our planet remain the beautiful place we love to explore, play, and live!

Quick Facts!

    • One tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen each year! Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four! Click on this link to read more tree facts and learn why protecting the rainforests is important!
    • 70% of the Earth is covered in water, but only 0.4% is fresh water which is shared across the entire world. Click on this link to read more water facts! 
    • “Rapid (animal) extinction hinders the ability of an ecosystem to provide the resources and services that humans rely on for survival” (Earth Day). Is your favorite animal on the endangered species list?
    • Earth Day Network’s “End Plastic Pollution” campaign provides great resources to help your family reduce plastic waste. Learn more by clicking here!
    • “According to the National Environmental Foundation, children who become involved in environmental education tend to be more physically active in their daily lives and thus have a healthier lifestyle” (Earth Day)


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How to do this month’s challenge! (You don’t have to do every item on this list, but these are some ideas to help get you started)

    • Join the Earth Day Network’s “End Plastic Pollution Campaign” 
    • Plant a tree!
    • Go to a Farmer’s Market to support local farmers
    • Pay attention to how you use water
    • Learn about Recycling and if you don’t already…RECYCLE!
    • Ride your bike when you can instead of using your car
    • Compost
    • Change your light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
    • Turn off lights when you’re not in a room and unplug appliances when not in use
    • Pick up trash at your local playground, beach, or favorite spot to visit
    • Plant some flowers to help bees pollinate
    • Eat meat-free one day of the week
    • Don’t throw away old clothes, donate instead!
    • Share the Knowledge!

Item’s Needed for This Month’s Challenge!

    • YOU!
    • A determined spirit
    • A Family Plan for how your family can implement ways to be kind to the environment
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When you are kind to the Earth, your action does not just directly affect you! Every person in your family, community, and the city will benefit from your kindness! Not only that, you will have an impact on the world!

Use the hashtag #ISPearthmonthchallenge to show us how your family is showing love and kindness to our environment!

Reflection Questions

    • What did you learn by participating in this challenge?
    • In what ways does your family already practice kindness toward the environment?
    • How will you continue to help the environment after this challenge?

Many of the facts stated in this post were found on the Earth Day website. Feel free to explore to learn more by visiting Earth Day Network.

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