Children see the world through imagination! Books are the perfect tool to fuel that imagination! Through books, children can travel to far off lands, places filled with mythical creatures and magic, and experience adventures! 

Books not only inspire imagination, but they are resources that build literacy confidence, language skills, and social connections. It’s so important to us that every child is provided with books, to help them excel in life and dream new dreams! We’re so excited to challenge our ambassadors and friends to host your own book drive! Gather your friends, family, and classmates and collect as many books as you can to donate to children’s homeless shelters near you.

Children shelters are run by amazing people who live their life helping children overcome their hardships and ensuring children are set up for successful futures. Many of these shelters are able to provide help through monetary donations and in-kind donations such as home essentials, tutoring, and counseling. While book and toy donations, among other child favorites, are welcomed they are often not high-priority donation items. This is why we are encouraging our ambassadors and friends to donate books to children’s homeless shelters in your community!

Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign

  • Children’s books for all ages!
  • Paper
  • Decorating supplies – markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc. 
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

How to Do This Month’s Campaign

You can go about this month’s campaign a couple of different ways! No matter how you collect your books be sure to contact a children’s shelter (or family shelter) first to see when you can bring in your books. Here’s a few ideas on how to go about this month’s campaign:

Talk to you teacher and explain you are doing a book drive for homeless children! Ask if you can set up a donation box in your classroom and announce your book drive to your classmates. Have your classmates bring books in by a set date and then deliver your books to the shelter of your choice. 

If you have a birthday this month, have a party with a purpose! Ask friends to bring you books instead of presents and have everyone join you in making bookmarks! Getting your friends involved in something meaningful to you is a great way to give back and spread kindness! After your party, deliver your books to the shelter of your choice. 

Reach out to family and friends and let them know you’re doing a book drive. Ask them to deliver books to you by a set date and go through your home book collection or buy new books! Deliver your books to the shelter of your choice. 

For even more book fun…create homemade bookmarks to deliver with your books. Cut your paper into strips about 2 inches across and 6 inches in length. Using your paper and decorating supplies, create fun bookmarks that the shelter children can use while they read! With your scissors (and parent help) make a small hole at the top of your bookmark and tie a ribbon onto the bookmark.

If you’re local to Orange County we’ve put together a list of homeless shelters that service children in our community! 

Children’s Shelters in Orange County 

Reflection Questions

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. Why is it important to provide children with books? 
  3. How does giving back to children strengthen your community?