Picking your outfit of the day can be challenging! You want to look great, express yourself through your style, and feel good in your clothes. Some people aren’t as fortunate though to wake up to a closet full of clothes. We want to help those people this month through an organization called Charity on Wheels!

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Charity on Wheels cares for individuals who are in need of rehabilitation and restoration, struggling with homelessness. The charity focuses on those who are homeless, sick, and broken. These are the people that need the most love in our world. Often their family members are not involved in their lives or the family members are unaware of their loved one’s situation. Showing up for struggling individuals is often all it takes to turn their lives around. Showing up for them means filling the gaps in their life when they cannot; through clothing donations, food donations, helping them find a stable job and listening to their stories so you understand the best way to help each individual.

Charity on Wheels has a quote on their site that holds a lot of truth to it and can be used as your inspiration to complete this month’s campaign.

“One person can make a difference in the life of another by simply making the decision to act.” – Charity on Wheels

Charity on Wheels has multiple ways they make a difference in the lives of others. Their actions include weekly outreach and volunteer work. On Monday mornings they walk through one of Orange County’s largest homeless camps serving breakfast and coffee, talking with people and providing resources and programs to help them transition off of the street. On Wednesday nights they host a dinner with music for homeless individuals and provide a platform for people to share their stories and connect. Charity on Wheels also provides many volunteer opportunities including food preparation, greeters and servers for events, music ministry, corporate sponsorship, life prep, and preparing necessity bags (this volunteer opportunity is geared directly for children to participate in!).

There are multiple ways for you to get involved with Charity on Wheels this month! We suggest hosting a clothing drive and donating the collected clothes to the organization, however, if you would like to go above and beyond please check out the Charity on Wheels website to see other ways you can get involved. 

Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign

A box for collecting clothes

Paper or cards for invitations

Markers, crayons, or colored pencils

Gently used clothes for donating

How to Do This Month’s Campaign

Find a box that can be used for collecting the donated clothes, you want to make sure that it is large! Decorate the box and be sure to include your collection date (the date you will be picking up the box to take to Charity on Wheels). Create some invitations to pass out to neighbors, family, and friends letting them know you are doing a clothing drive for an organization called Charity on Wheels. Be sure to include on your invitation where your collection box will be located, or how they can get their clothes to you, and what date you need the clothes by.

Donate clothes in person by attending any of Charity on Wheels’ events. We recommend contacting Michelle Southall for more details on events and how to donate your clothes. You can reach her through email at michelle@charityonwheels.com.


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Reflection Questions

How did you think your clothing drive went?

Do you think you could devote your life to serving others like the people who work for Charity on Wheels?

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