Star Squad (n.) 

  • An awesome group of humans spreading kindness throughout the world through Kindness Stars and simple acts of kindness. 
  • Individuals who come together to make the world a better place one smile at a time. 

This month we’re going back to our roots and encouraging you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your community to spread kindness everywhere you go through Kindness Wands! When The Infinite Smile Project was first starting out, Angel and Peanut went out on a mission to distribute Kindness Wands throughout their community. They delivered Kindness Wands and goodies to CHOC employees, playgrounds, beaches, the fire station, neighbors, and friends to name a few!  Check out our Gallery for some fun throwback pictures of Angel and Peanut, among others, sharing kindness and smiles all over their community!

If you haven’t heard about or checked out our Kindness Wands before, let’s go into a “little” detail. Kindness Wands can be bought through places like Amazon or Oriental Trading or you can make your own Kindness Wand out of card stock or by using our Printable Wand found on our Resources page. A Kindness Wand is a wand with a star at the top and can be made out of any material. Depending on the material, you can decorate your Kindness Wand with markers, glitter, puff paint, etc. to make it unique! Once you have your Kindness Wands, add the “Kindness Wand Traveling Star” tag on our Resource page to each wand you make. Name your Kindness Wands to watch them travel as they are added to our Kindness Map! Write a unique name for each wand on the back of its’ tag and either laminate the tag or use clear packing tape to protect the tag. You can make as many Kindness Wands as you’d like…the more you make the more kindness is spread! 

Now it’s time to use your Kindness Wands! Do a kind act associated with one of the ribbon colors found at the bottom of our Traveling Star page and tie that color ribbon to your wands. For example, go to your favorite park, beach, or hiking trail and pick up some trash then add a dark green ribbon to your wands to represent doing something kind for the environment. Next, add your Kindness Wands to the Kindness Map and share your story! 

Here comes the really fun part…distributing your Kindness Wands across your community! Here are some ideas of how to distribute your Kindness Wands, but feel free to get as creative as you’d like! 

  • Is mom or Dad getting coffee through the drive-through? Deliver a Kindness Wand to the person at the window! 
  • Go to your favorite animal adoption center and deliver some treats and a Kindness Wand to an employee to pass off to the next person who adopts! 
  • Take some bubbles and a Kindness Wand to a local playground and leave them for someone to enjoy! 
  • Write some thank you notes and take them with a Kindness Wand to your local police and/or fire station!
  • Gather some beach toys and leave them with a Kindness Wand on the boardwalk! 
  • Donate new or gently used school supplies to a local family homeless shelter with a Kindness Wand! 
  • Ding, dong, (kindly) ditch your neighbor and leave a Kindness Wand for them to use as they wish! 
  • Go to your local hospital or children’s hospital and deliver Kindness Wands to nurses and doctors, plus Kindness Wands and get well soon cards to patients!

Share with us how you are using your Kindness Wands by uploading your stories to our Kindness Map and tagging us on Instagram @infinitesmileproject! We can’t wait to see where your kindness takes us and hear about your acts of kindness!

Reflection Questions

What was your favorite act of kindness you did with your Kindness Wands?

How can you make a difference every day by being kind?

How far do you think your Kindness Wands will travel?