Hi I’m Simar

This year I’m pledging my birthday to The Infinite Smile Project!



Why I think this is a great cause:

I am pledging my birthday because I want to make a difference n my birthday and I believe that the best return gift to everyone is spreading kindness and smiles!

Raised So Far:

$ 100

Contribute now! Forget that pretty little trinket or treat & put that cash to a cause that will not only make me happy, but many more besides:

How does it work?

Its simple – this year I’m asking my friends and family to do something nice for my birthday – and this time not just nice for me!

I’m asking you not to buy me any gifts this year, instead I’d love it if you’d make a small contribution to a cause I love – a cause that will pay it forward wherever possible and spread smiles all across the globe! 100% of funds raised go to aid Infinite Smile Projects including children’s hospitals, homeless charity’s, food banks and much more.

Help me to reach my goal and spread more smiles by clicking the buttons below to share my pledge across all of your social networks. Don’t be shy now – its for a good cause!