The Random Act of Kindness Holiday Challenge

This month’s super easy, super fun, and effective way to spread holiday cheer whatever you celebrate in December!

Don’t have time to think of ideas? We have that ready for you busy kids, parents, friends and neighbors. Anywhere in the world, any day of the week these can be done. Most ideas are incredibly simple and done in 5 seconds flat so come with us and spread some holiday cheer. The world needs it more than ever right now.

Trusty Ambassadors and friends…….lead the way……..

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  1. This download of Random Acts of Kindness tags
  2. Paper to print them
  3. Scissors to cut them
  4. This sample calendar attached OR
  5. Our ideas from our Pinterest link with ideas for all interests and ages

So how do we do it? It’s super simple this month

  1. Take a look at our RAOK calendar for kids. Do these each day in December, or supplement your own
  2. Visit our ISP Pinterest page for other ideas
  3. Print your Random Acts of Kindness tags to attach to your good deeds
  4. Hit the streets with as many acts of kindness and compassion your heart desires.

*If we ever needed to lift spirits in the world, this is it. PLEASE help us show our communities that we will continue to teach our kids peace and compassion

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Idea Box:

It’s a great idea to do a quick video after you have successfully done some RAOK’s with your kids as their happiness in making others happy is incredibly heartwarming. When possible try and do some RAOK with your kids where they can hand something to someone directly. The positive reinforcement for their good deed is invaluable.

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Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some words to describe what you think of Holiday Random Acts of Kindness Challenge (ie: fun, exciting, cool)
  2. What was fun about it?
  3. Which was your favorite one?
  4. Why do you think doing this challenge was important around the holidays?
  5. Do you think this would be fun to do all year round?
  6. What are some other ideas you have to do other random acts of kindness?
  7. How can get our friends to join in and do some more in 2016?
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