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The Infinite Smile Project’s Monthly Campaign is a project that we select for anyone to participate in. It can be done as a group, class, team or can even be done individually.
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Did you know that over 103 million people worldwide are homeless? Even for those that are not homeless, 50% of the world’s population live on less than $2.50 a day. Additionally this level of poverty is affecting over 1 billion children around the world.

February 2015’s Campaign is Clean Your Closet to Clothe a Friend

All sorts of people from every country around the world need help and children outgrow clothes sometimes in mere weeks. Take one Sunday afternoon and have a service day in. Adults and kids of any age can help take out old clothes and place in bags to be given to those in need. So, make some snacks, turn up the music in your house and make giving back in any form fun.

Supplies Needed:

  1. The entire family or household present
  2. A couple of hours open
  3. Trash Bags or boxes
  4. Paper and pen to write items donated (for tax deduction if applicable)
  5. Phone number of local shelter or church

How to do this month’s campaign:

  1. Find a day on the calendar and set a couple hours aside to go through closets and drawers
  2. Call/email any friends or family that might be interested in doing the same and ask them to drop off their donated clothes either to you or a local organization
  3. Walk your children through who they are passing their clothes onto and why. Help them understand they are making a difference in the world and for another child who might be cold this winter
  4. Gather shoes, sweaters, jackets, gloves and any other items needed in addition to regular wear
  5. Place into large trash bags or boxes and label
  6. Go online and google a shelter or church of your choice that collects items from kids and adults.
  7. Ask them who they give their donations to and when to ensure they truly go to those in need.
  8. Either drop off at your local Salvation Army or other non-profit or schedule a pick-up.

Idea Box:

  • Have your children ask their teacher if they can ask their classmates to bring clothes to them and do a mini-clothes drive
  • Go with your child to ask neighbors or call friends and have them ask if they want to help by providing some old clothes. Even age 3 can ask the question: “Can you help me gather clothes for my drive?” That way they can feel empowered and responsible for making a difference for others.
  • Hold a play date for ages 3-8. For older ages gather some friends for a slumber party or afternoon, have the guests bring old clothes and do a “Fancy Dress Party” where each child dresses up as something that starts with a particular letter and others guess.
  • Post on social media your “service day in” and inspire others to do the same and help others while doing some spring cleaning.
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