This month we’re focusing on spreading kindness toward older generations, the seniors in our communities!

Seniors are a big part of our communities and are often overlooked when it comes to volunteer work and charitable giving. Many have shaped our communities into what they are today and we want to show our gratitude to them this month. Seniors are some of the most important people in our communities and they offer a lot of knowledge and experience. They see life through a different perspective and we can learn so much when we sit down, have a conversation, and get to know them.

Many seniors choose to live in a residence with others their age, either a group home or senior living community, while some seniors have health reasons for no longer living in a private home. There are also senior centers, for those who do still live in a private home, to enjoy the company of others their age. Senior centers and living communities offer activities, social events, and day-trips for their residents to enjoy. Some examples include baking cookies, dances, hikes, bike rides, movie nights, and game nights! We all know how much time and effort goes into putting on events like these; so we’re encouraging our ISP Ambassadors this month to give a helping hand toward the senior centers and senior living communities local to you! This month we’re inviting you to put together boxes or baskets filled with surprises to deliver to your local senior centers and senior living communities. While you’re there, maybe even take the time to get to know some of the seniors who live near you. You never know…you might just make a new friend! One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces!


Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign:

    • A box or basket to put supplies in – feel free to decorate!
    • Kind notes for the senior residents
    • New or gently used books, DVD’s, and games
    • Treats like popcorn and candy for a movie night!
    • Blankets
    • Holiday Decorations
    • Dog treats!
    • Share a talent! (maybe you play an instrument or you sing and could give a mini concert or maybe you love to dance and can show off your beautiful moves)

*For this campaign you can get as creative as you would like. Everything listed is an example to help you get started!

How to do This Month’s Campaign:

Contact a local senior center or senior living community and let them know your plan, ask if there is anything specific you can include in your box/basket and when you’ll be stopping by. Start by decorating a box or basket to put all of your supplies into once you’ve gathered them. Then gather supplies with the help of your family and maybe let your friends/neighbors know what you’re up to and ask if they would like to contribute anything. There really is no limit to what you can put in your special surprise, you can get as creative as you would like and tailor your box or basket to the area you live in. For example, if you live somewhere cold you could include scarves, hats, and mittens! Once your box/basket is ready for delivery, take it to your location, and watch the happiness spread!

If you’re local to Orange County we’ve compiled a list of a few local senior centers and senior living communities. Check them out below!

    • Forever Young – Santa Ana, CA
    • Regents Point – Irvine, CA
    • Vivante on the Coast – Costa Mesa, CA
    • Americana Senior Care – Tustin, CA
    • Orange Senior Center – Orange, CA
    • Santa Ana Senior Center – Santa Ana, CA
    • Fountain Senior Assisted Living – Orange, CA

Reflection Questions:

    • How did it make you feel to do something for the seniors in your community?
    • How do you think you made the seniors feel when you delivered your surprise?
    • If you spent time talking with a senior, what was something new you learned? What was your favorite part of your conversation?
    • Would you deliver another surprise to the seniors in your community?
    • What do you think the seniors will enjoy most from your surprise?