USA Kids Support the USO

The US military has deployed men and women in over 150 countries which covers 75% of the World’s Nations. Most of them are away from home months at a time away from family, friends and the comforts of home.

As we celebrate this amazing country we are blessed to live in this month, we can also do something very simple – but impactful – for our men and women who arrive at our local airports at the USO. This month we will be stocking the USO some of their most requested snacks with some thoughtful notes attached from our Ambassadors.

It’s simple. It’s fun. And it gives even more meaning to July 4th this year.

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Supplies Needed:

Costco size Snickers Bars

White copier paper cut into quarters

Markers or crayons

Scotch tape

How to do this month’s campaign

  1. Have an adult take you to Costco (or local equivalent)
  2. Purchase the bulk size King Size bars of Snickers
  3. Take copier paper and cut into 4’s
  4. Write thank you notes and draw on your paper
  5. Wrap note around candy bar and attach with tape
  6. Call your local USO and ask the best way to drop off your gift
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Idea Box

Make it a 4th of July they’ll remember because it’s impactful. Everyone goes somewhere for the 4th – friends, family, or our your own pool party. Have each family bring a pack of Snickers. Families can sit together and make the kindness bars while reviewing the reflection questions. It’s a quick, fun way to drive home why this holiday is important on a day that is spent with family and friends. Who knows, you might even get a few more ISP Ambassador recruits!

We will even help you out! Click here to visit our page with 4th of July ideas suited for kids of all ages.

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Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you know what the USO is? (Adults: for more info/FAQS visit
  2. Do you know what service men and women do there once they arrive?
  3. Do you know why the USO was formed?
  4. Why do you think when they arrive at an airport this is where they want to go?
  5. If you were away from home in a foreign country what is the first thing you would want? To eat? To drink? To see?
  6. Why do you think it is important to support our military?
  7. What do you think will happen when they see your note?
  8. What do you hope happens?
  9. Why do you appreciate your country and/or are glad to live in the USA?
  10. What are some other things we can do throughout the year to support our active military?


There is a USO in most airports across the United States. Please contact the one nearest you to see if there are other snacks/items you can as easily substitute for this campaign.

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