Street Sweep Challenge!

$11.5 billion is spent in cleaning up litter each year. For those that are local to Orange County, 9 billion TONS of litter ends up in our beautiful oceans each year. Littering is an unnecessary cost and one we are going to help with this month.


Join us for our beach clean-up day at Newport Beach on Wednesday, July 15th. For exact information on meet up and post-cleaning fun, please ask to be added to our Shutterfly events page to disclose the full information.

All of July Challenge:

Any city, any community, any park, any street can use a little touch-up now and then. That’s what we are here for this month. Ambassadors and friends – gather your parents and friends and pick a place in your neighborhood to pretty up a bit. A great place to start is your favorite local park.

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Supplies Needed:

  1. Park or location of interest in your area
  2. Trash bags
  3. Gloves
  4. Some friends

How to do this month’s challenge

  1. Pick a favorite park or location in your neighborhood or city
  2. Call some friends
  3. Designate an adult to supervise
  4. Gather some trash bags and begin your clean up!
  5. Discard all collected trash
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Idea Box:

Who says you can’t mix work with pleasure? Wherever you choose, celebrate your job well done and hang out. For Pups, a play date is in order – so bring bagged lunches and drinks to play in their newly cleaned park. For older Ambassadors: enjoy your afternoon together post clean-up. Do a group lunch, stay at the beach you just cleaned, or hang out poolside in one of the neighborhoods you just spruced up. Summer is all about friends and family – and with ISP – service that is rad.

Surf’s Up Ambassadors!

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