Most of us that are ISP Ambassadors are lucky enough to have lovely, safe homes that are updated constantly due to HOA rules and regulations.

We can play out in our front yards and take our dogs for walks and admire the beauty of our Orange County neighborhoods. Unfortunately there are many places around the country where residents don’t have this residual income to upgrade their homes and gardens although they would love to do so.

Enter the Compton Initiative

On July 22nd we will be heading up to LA to help residents beautify their homes. You don’t need experience or even a green thumb, just a positive attitude that wants to help others and finds fulfillment in the happiness of others!

Items Needed:

  1. A supervising adult for your group over 18
  2. Adult driver for transportation to Compton to meet up at the Compton Initiative office/shuttle
  3. Old clothes to paint in
  4. Parental release form (under “resources” on our website)
  5. The rest will be provided!

**Bonus item: Why not write a nice note and leave on the doorstep of the family you helped? Many times the owner is there and you can hand the card directly to the person you kindly helped!

How to do this month’s challenge:

  1. Go to theinfinitesmile.com to “resources” and download the release form
  2. Email ISP or go to our shutterfly sign-up sheet to sign up and participate in this event
  3. Tell friends and recruit others!

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood?
  2. How is the neighborhood you helped different?
  3. What did you do today to help them?
  4. Why do you think this made a difference?
  5. If this was your home how would you feel if strangers came to help make it beautiful?
  6. Did you get to meet any of the residents today? If so, what did you talk about?
  7. Would you want to do this again and why?

Thanks Ambassadors!