In honor of some of our Ambassador’s celebrating summer birthdays, we are hosting a birthday party for homeless kids!

Just like last year when our friend, Henry, decided to donate his birthday toys to charity and hosted a big party, we will be joining Operation Warm Wishes and making it an annual event!

Come join us June 20th at Brushstrokes in Tustin to help us decorate and celebrate all night with new friends and old! In the meantime, things we need before the event and the day of the event are as follows:

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Items needed prior to July 20th:

  1. Target gift cards to purchase items on the children’s list they would like to receive (we will buy these items with the cards)
  2. Items to decorate donated: streamers, balloons, cakes, food, drinks, etc.
  3. Any unwrapped toys for any age donated for the children attending the event
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Reflection Questions:

  1. What sort of things do you do and get for your birthday each year?
  2. What do you think birthdays are like for kids like we met tonight each year on their birthday?
  3. How does that make you feel?
  4. How can you help?
  5. How does that make you feel about how you spend your birthday each year? Would you change anything next year if you could?
  6. How did helping everyone make you feel this year?
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July 20th:

  1. Kids and adults needed to help decorate for the event around 3:00-4:00pm (event starts at 5:00)
  2. Friends to come and join the fun celebrating the birthday party for our new less fortunate friends (shutterfly sign-up sheet will be sent)
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bday party 8
bday party
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