The first week of March was the last week in 2020 before the world shut-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this unpredictable and heartbreaking year, there have been health heroes at the frontlines doing their best to fight this terrible disease, care for the ill, and comfort families. Everyone has had a different pandemic experience, but we can probably all agree we are ready for the world to return to normal soon. However, we are not in the clear yet and health heroes could probably use some extra motivation to continue their good work as we hit the one-year mark. 

This month we’re encouraging our ambassadors and followers to call the Health Hero Hotline! The Health Hero Hotline was created by The Experience Lab to “celebrate every health hero doing the hard and heart work of caring for humanity at this challenging time.” On the Health Hero Hotline callers leave voicemails of encouragement for health care workers. Whether you know a health care worker personally or not, let’s show them our gratitude, love, support, and kindness this month by reaching out.

With limited ways to give back to our communities in person over the past year, this is the perfect opportunity to spread some kindness. From the comfort and safety of your home, in under two minutes, your words of encouragement could make someone’s day significantly better! So pick up the phone and give the number below a call. 

Health Hero Hotline 877-226-4376

How To Do This Month’s Campaign

  • Think of what you would like to say before you call. It might help to even write it down first!
  • Call the number above and wait for the pre-recorded message to play
  • Leave your voicemail
  • Want to hear what other callers have said? Click here to be redirected to the Health Hero Hotline’s website

Reflection Questions

  • What have you become more grateful for during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Who else might you call to say some words of encouragement to?
Image from Canva