On April 25, 2015 Nepal experienced a 7.8 earthquake that have affected over 2 million children, killed over 5,000 people and injured many more.

We can do little things to help in big ways with our children. Living in California, the “Big One” is something we grow up learning how to prepare for and understand. Now is an opportunity, anywhere you live in the world, to get our children involved and empower them to make a difference and help those in Nepal. This month we are encouraging our Ambassadors and friends to do a disaster relief drive. Join us in teaching our kids how to help others and cultivate compassion during this time of need in Nepal.

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Supplies Needed:

  • A jar, box, or container for a collection of dollars or coins.
  • A note for what the collection is for (Relief for Nepal)
  • Short letter for your teacher, club president, coach, or email to those you wish to ask to donate a few dollars.

How to do this Month’s Campaign:

  1. Find a container, jar or make a box for coins and dollars with a sign “Relief for Nepal”
  2. Have Mom or Dad talk to your school (Pups/Ninjas) or ask your school administration if you can have the donation box set up somewhere and info send to parents or other students. This can also be done with coaches, club heads, or an email sent to family and friends telling them you would like to come and collect some spare change they have to help children like yourself in Nepal.
  3. Set up your donation box at school, the club, bring to your practice or take to your neighbors
  4. Put on social media what you are doing, why and if anyone can spare some change for your first relief drive to help children of Nepal.
  5. Once your money is collected, send your donation online to Save the Children here.
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Idea Box:

Pups/Ninjas: Don’t want to set up a jar at school? Do a lemonade stand or bake cupcakes, sell popsicles in your neighborhood, during a swim meet or during your siblings softball game. Sell your items and have your donation box ready and tell them why you are collecting money

Jr. Ambassadors/Ambassadors: Ask your school if you can make an announcement and hold a table at a school event (play, basketball game, etc.) about the relief for Nepal donations and collect during the event.

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Reflection Questions:

  1. What happens in an earthquake?
  2. Where is Nepal?
  3. How are these children different than us? How would you feel if this happened here and a child in somewhere like Nepal did this at their school for you and your friends?
  4. How does it make you feel to help these families?
  5. Was it hard? Was it fun?
  6. What did you learn?
  7. What other fun creative ways could you do a drive for the next relief drive?

The amount isn’t important in this month’s campaign but rather the opportunity to allow our kids to feel proud that they can help in any capacity and understand why it’s important to have compassion and do what you can for those that currently cannot help themselves.