There is on average 1.5 million active military for the United States in the Army, Navy, Marines and U.S. Air Force. They have many needs upon returning from deployment overseas.


Let’s help them. Sometimes the most simplistic are overlooked such as clean towels, soap and familiar food. This month as we kick off summer with Memorial Day, we would like to make “Welcome Home Packets” for our returning Marines. As soon as they land they will be given a reusable grocery bag with basic necessities and heartfelt cards from our children welcoming them back to the Land of the Free.

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Supplies Needed:

  • Reusable grocery bag
  • New large bath towel
  • New washcloth
  • Men’s body wash/soap
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Familiar American Snacks (ie. protein bars, cookies, chips, trail mix, etc.)
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How to do this month’s campaign:

  1. Ask Mom and Dad to help you gather the supplies above
  2. Locate a re-usable cloth grocery bag to hold all items above
  3. Make some welcome home cards to our brave men in uniform
  4. Locate a military base in your area:
    1. Locate one close to you in your state:
    2. *If in Southern California during the month of May you can contact the Irvine 2/11 Adoption Committee by emailing


Idea Box:

Have a Memorial Day weekend that really honors our military. Invite neighbors, friends, and kids of all ages over to have some outdoor food and fun while do a worthwhile act of service. Have each family bring several of these items from a Dollar Store or Walmart. Adults can pack the kits while the kids make cards for the service men and women.

For some easy, fun activities and food ideas for Memorial Day visit our ISP Memorial Day Weekend page.

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Reflection Questions:

1. Do you know who we are making these for?
2. Do you know why they spend time away from their kids and families for us?
3. Do you know what it means to live in America?
4. How do you think they will feel when they get off the plane and get our bag?
5. How does it make you feel to help welcome them home?
6. If you were far away from home how would it make you feel to get a bag like this?