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Do you have a dog? Then you know how much joy a new toy can bring to your beloved pup! Even if you don’t personally own a dog, chances are you’ve seen how they light up when they play with a toy. While we love our own dogs tremendously and could spoil them with all the toys in the world, there are many dogs who aren’t as fortunate.

Every year there are approximately 3.3 million dogs nationwide who end up in shelters! For multiple reasons, their families aren’t able to keep them and thankfully we live in a country where animal shelters are present in almost every town. However, during time spent in shelters, dogs rely on the generosity of humans in their communities to take care of them. Local shelters depend on donations to help provide a nice stay for the animals they rescue. This month we would like to help out the amazing animal shelters in our local communities by donating homemade dog toys! All pups deserve something fun to chew on, chase, and cuddle with so why not give them something made with love!

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Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign

    • Old t-shirts
    • Tennis balls
    • Empty water bottles (be sure to take the caps off)
    • Old socks
    • Stuffing

How to Do This Month’s Campaign

We’ve put up a few pup-pins on Pinterest to help your creative juices flow! Pick one of the designs or create your own! You can braid a toy using the old t-shirts you’ve collected, stuff a water bottle in a sock, create a fun tug-o-war toy with t-shirts, or make an octopus fetch-toy using a tennis ball and a t-shirt. There is even a tutorial for a doggie donut (you will need some thread and a needle for this one though)! Whatever you choose to make, the shelter dogs will love!

After you’ve made your dog toy(s) look up an animal shelter near you and deliver your toys! It’s as easy as that!

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Dogs are some of the most loving animals on the planet! There’s a reason they are called “man’s best friend”…they love you no matter what and make every day better. Let’s be sure to make a shelter dog’s day this month with our homemade dog toys!

Use the hashtag #ISPmaycampaign to show us your homemade dog toys!

Reflection Questions

Do you have a dog? What is your favorite thing to do with your dog?

How do you feel knowing so many dogs live in animal shelters?

What are other ways we can help shelter dogs…or any animal in a shelter?   

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