Halloween Candy for Ronald McDonald House Guests

Ronald McDonald House helps keep families close during their procedures and hospital care in over 60 countries. In 2014 alone RMH serviced over 5.7 million families across the globe helping them refresh and rest during these trying times.

In 2012 we spent long hours at the RMH at Children’s Orange County in this room shown below. Their hospitality, kind and compassionate volunteers, and services were incredibly appreciated and comforting during long hours waiting for surgery, test results and doctor consultations.

Instead of sending our candy off to the troops this year, we want to bring it closer to home, wherever your home may be, and package our excess Halloween candy to provide some midnight sweet tooth reprieve for these families staying at RMH or in their lounges in hospitals across the globe.

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Here is how to do this month’s challenge

  1. Gather all unwrapped excess Halloween candy from your home or trick-or-treating.
  2. Separate into small bundles of about 6-10 pieces
  3. Place into a small “mini plastic treat bags” such as these
  4. Tie with curly ribbon
  5. Google “Ronald McDonald House” in your city/county
  6. Call their direct number and ask if you and your child can deliver small, wrapped treats you made for families staying with them
  7. Optional: Ambassador to make little notes “A gift to make you smile” or something non-health related (ie. no “get well soon”) for a personal touch and more involvement.
  8. Have Ambassador make a card for your local RMH letting them know why they wanted to donate some of their candy this year to other families.

For local Orange County residents: Ronald McDonald House- Children’s Hospital OC (714) 639-3600

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Idea Box:

  1. Start the November 1st holiday season off with a weekend of giving back. Clear out the decorations and while Mom and/or Dad pack up the Halloween items and bring down Thanksgiving and other Seasonal décor, have the kids sit, make small notes and bag up the candy.
  2. If your kids like to cook, use some of your leftover treats and make candy brownies. Fast and easy – because we are all about simplicity at ISP: http://www.lovefromtheoven.com/2014/11/03/candy-bar-brownies/
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Reflection Questions:

  1. Why do you love Halloween?
  2. Which candies or items were your favorite?
  3. How much of this candy do you think is too much?
  4. (for older kids) Do you feel this is excessive?
  5. Do you understand what the Ronald McDonald House is?
  6. What are some things when you are away from home that you miss?
  7. What are some things that make you feel at home when you are somewhere else other than your own home?
  8. What sort of things would you want someone to give or do for you if you were stuck near a hospital for a long time?
ronald mcdonald
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