Food for Friends

Being essentially “homeless” doesn’t always mean living on the streets. There are thousands of children living in near poverty levels in residential motels. In the Orange County city of Anaheim alone – while many kids visit Disneyland every couple of weeks, over 2,000 homeless children are living in these motels without meals many days.

This month we are partnering with the White House’s Chef Bruno Serato’s, organization, Caterina’s Club.

Caterina’s Club provides a hot pasta meal to over 1000 kids a day to motels kids and their families every day. Our Ambassadors and their amazing friends will help us collect as much pasta and pasta sauce as we can for Caterina’s Clubs’ KFI Radiothon.


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  1. An email list of friends
  2. A list of people you can get involved (ie: church contacts, teachers, local businesses, etc)
  3. A few bags to leave with neighbors willing to donate
  4. A note attached like above for the cause!
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The Infinite Smile Project will also be partnering with OC Princess Productions to feed and entertain kids with their favorite fairytale characters at the White House Snow Day in November for their Thanksgiving Feast and snow play.

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Here is how we are going to make this collection happen (how to do this month’s ISP Campaign):

  1. Contact friends, neighbors, anyone one you can and ask them to pick up one extra bag of pasta and sauce the next time they go to the store throughout October. Get your schools, churches, clubs and playdates involved – power in numbers!
  2. Leave them a small bag with your name and a date on it you will be collecting your pasta and/or sauce OR have your friends and neighbors drop them off to you on a particular day after school, at soccer practice, wherever! Your letter should look something like this:

“Hi friends!

I am collecting bags of pasta and jars of pasta sauce to help Caterina’s Club (Chef Bruno’s of the White House restaurant, Anaheim, charity) feed over 1,000 motel kids a night in November. If you would be so kind please help me help other kids in our community by picking up one extra bag of pasta or jar of sauce. If you are open to helping me I will pick up your generous contribution on ______(date)______.

Thank you

  1. Pick up the items or schedule a drop off day towards the end of October.
  2. Either mail to ISP to deliver at the November 13th KFI Radiothon to

The Infinite Smile Project
13217 Jamboree Road
Tustin, CA 92782

Or drop off at the KFI event yourself!

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Idea Box:

Pups: Have a play date with some pasta crafts. A great site to make easy stained-glass pasta and other pasta crafts for our youngest philanthropists can be found here:

Ninjas and up: Have an afternoon pasta cooking and tasting party while brainstorming a list of people you can ask to help your cause and how.

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Reflection Questions:

  1. Why did you collect pasta?
  2. Was it harder or easier than you thought?
  3. How does it make you feel to help feed other kids like you?
  4. What is your favorite food? How do you think it would make you feel if you couldn’t have it?
  5. How do you think it felt for these kids to have this yummy meal?
  6. Are there other people you would like to help? Who? Why?
  7. Do you understand what it means to be a motel kid? (Ninja and up)
  8. Do you think anyone could wind up in a position like these kids? Why? (Ninja and up)
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