Choosing a Halloween costume is one of the biggest highlights for kids this time of year! The possibilities are endless and imaginations can run wild. Whether you choose a classic Halloween costume or something incredibly creative, every costume is reflective of the personality of the child wearing it!

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This month we are encouraging our ISP ambassadors to donate old Halloween costumes so we can get them to kids who cannot afford them. Costumes can pile up over the years and while they can be fun to play in, eventually kids grow out of them. Instead of throwing them out, pass them along! You might even see one of your old costumes roaming the streets for candy on Halloween night. Let’s join together and help every child have a Halloween costume they are proud to show off!

With your costume donation, you are ensuring that moms and dads from lower-income families won’t feel stressed about how they are going to afford a costume this year. Their children won’t experience the anxiety of wondering if they’ll have a costume to dress up and hit the streets with their friends in. Your old costumes are more than just costumes, they provide relief to families as the most financially stressful time of year approaches. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that your old costumes are being used again to bring happiness to children.

Here’s how you can help! We are collecting donations between now and October 15th!

Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign

      • Any old Halloween or dress-up costume – please donate gently worn items only

How to Do This Month’s Campaign

Gather your old costumes together. Please be sure to wash them before donating. If you are local to Orange County, CA please contact us at to find out where you can drop off your costumes to us before Oct. 15th. We will distribute them! If you are not local to Orange County, we encourage you to set up your own drive and collect from friends, schools, and sports teams and donate to a local program near you.


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Reflection Questions

How do you think the children who received your old costumes felt when they got them?

How did you feel donating your old costumes?

What are other belonging that you can donate to low-income families during the holidays to help them celebrate?

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