Boo! It’s time for some Halloween inspired kindness this month!

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While trick-or-treating and decorating are fun, we get most excited about spreading some kindness in our neighborhoods during the month of October! One of the best ways to turn your neighborhood into a community is to connect with your neighbors. This month’s “Boo It Forward” challenge encourages you to create a community in your neighborhood through some Halloween fun!

What is “Boo It Forward”? As a family, you secretly deliver buckets of fun to a couple of neighbors to spread some kindness and share the holiday spirit. You can personalize your buckets of fun for each household you boo making the surprise even more exciting! After they’ve been “boo’ed” they have to do the same to a few different neighbors. The trend continues until, hopefully, everyone in your neighborhood has been “boo’ed”. This is a great way to get the whole neighborhood involved in some holiday kindness! Everyone in the neighborhood will feel more connected to the families they see every day, but may not necessarily know that well.

When we show kindness to our neighbors, we live in better neighborhoods. People thrive when they connect with others. Connecting with our neighbors by showing them kindness improves their well-being, makes people proud to live where they do, and encourages people to respect their neighbors.

So let’s get boo’ing!


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Items Needed for This Month’s Challenge

2-3 Small $1 bin bucket or decorative bag.

2-3 Boo sign of choice attached

2-3 printouts of the instructions to leave and encourage others to spread the fun and kindness in their neighborhood. You can find them on our resources page!

A few small toys, candy, or treat to place in your bag (be cognizant of chocolate and things that can melt in the sun unless left in a covered area)

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How to Do This Month’s Challenge

1. Purchase your 2-3 boo buckets. The Target dollar bin section is a great place to find some!

2. Print 2-3 Boo signs and 2-3 ISP Boo Directions

3. Decide what you want to put in your bucket. We usually do a bit of candy, and if kids some glow sticks, stickers, notepads, and other non-edible things geared to that home’s age group(s). We also have some ideas here on our Pinterest board for this challenge.

4. Assemble the kit and place the sign and direction inside the kit

5. Take a photo of your kit (with or without your Ambassador)

6. Add your kindness act and photo on the map here

5. Drop off!

Kim says her family “likes to go out just after dark, drop off at the door and do a little ding-dong ditch (like the old days Moms) and hide along the other side of the house so we hear them as they answer and get excited. The kids love doing it this way.”

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Reflection Questions

What was your favorite part of participating in “Boo It Forward”?

How do you think your small act of kindness impacted your neighborhood?

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