The Infinite Smile Project in the media!


ISP teams up with Ever After Princess to help raise money for a family suffering the loss of both parents. Read more

ISP donates hundreds of bags of pasta and sauce to feed motel kids around Orange and LA

ISP brings entertainment to help bring in 23,147 lbs of canned foods and non-perishables to provide 23,893 meals through OC’s Food Bank & Second Harvest Food Bank!

Feeding kids in southern California, ISP partners with Ever After Princess to provide some entertainment for 300 underprivileged kids for a Thanksgiving feast and winter wonderland. Read more

ISP is highlighted on Forbes magazine’s, on their creativity in inspiring others to take action. ISP and their volunteers shown helping our Wounded Marines in the 2015 Paralympics.


Los Angeles News Anchor, Christina Salvo, promoted ISP to her fans asking them to pay it forward.


Phillip Palmer from ABC News 7 Los Angeles giving a shout out to ISP how he gives back.

ISP officially partnering with Ever After Princess Events:
ISP officially partnering with Ever After Princess Events in donating Princess character meet and greets and events for kids staying at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)…Read more
Brooke Thomas

TV & Radio personality, Brooke Thomas, approached ISP to present our concepts to Belk corporate headquarters executives. The Infinite Smile Project was highlighted to these men and women during Brooke’s motivational presentation on how to obtain a healthy mind and spirit while re-vamping your health through her 360 programs…Read more

Kind Over Matter

Popular International Lifestyle Blog, KOM, interviews Kim Downey about why difficult pasts can create the most beautiful things…Read more

Kim Downey named one of Orange County’s Top Mom Entrepreneurs 2015. Read more

How do I teach my little ones to be charitable and giving, when surrounded by commercial mania?

Raising twin daughters in Orange County, this was and is a huge concern for me. Starting at age three, we incorporated acts of kindness and giving into our everyday life in hopes to set the precedence that material items do not bring sustained happiness and self-worth.

We made it simple, but fun. We made sparkly star wands to give with our donations or acts of kindness as a “symbol” or “badge” of sorts, so the girls felt they had left their mark and made a difference. Starting small, we would… Read more

Los Angeles Author and radio personality, Jennifer Shaffer, found ISP and fell in love with this blog post and reposted to her thousands of fans…Read more

In 2015, Infinite Smile Project officially partners with one of 2014-2019’s Top 100 Businesses Supporting a World-Class Education, OC Dance Productions.

ISP will incorporate aspects of charity into their school-aged programs across Orange County. OC Dance in turn will be donating 10% of proceeds from the new party sector to ISP’s annual charity. Read more

ISP will be Motivate Nation’s magazine feature story in their inaugural issue later in 2015! Read more

Kimberly Downey interviewed by OC Register about her challenges conceiving her young twins that inspired the OC-based charity, The Infinite Smile Project…Read more

The beautiful Kim Downey spends her days and nights juggling her twins, her 20 dance instructors, and her non-profit, The Infinite Smile Project, which encourages kindness in kids to lower the rates of bullying, school violence, and teen suicide.

“The nonprofit has introduced me to people and stories that have changed my life – forever, for the better,” the former NFL cheerleader says.

Her husband is her crush from seventh grade if you can believe that. They reconnected at their 10-year high school reunion. When not working, Kim loves to work out and stay active. She also loves to travel and read, but her main pastime…Read more (Page 42)

OC Register Family Sept 2014, page 80

Orange County Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Kim Downey, on the power of teaching children compassion through charitable acts can help surpass the barriers of culture, race, income, interests, and beliefs.

Life never stops at the Downey household. My husband makes the dreaded 405 commute from Orange County to LAX every day, we have two crazy toddlers, and me, I’m the creator and owner of a multi-city children’s dance company that has 145 classes a week and manages 20 instructors. I doubt there is a need to state that I am sleep-deprived and have coffee running through my veins. All that came to a halt, however and our priorities were set straight when our then 2-1/2-year-old daughter, Racquel, fell ill.

While relaxing at dinner with some friends we got a call from her pediatrician on a Saturday night saying she needed surgery immediately. Her heart had a large hole in it and her lungs were quickly filling with blood, depriving her of oxygen and making her cough. Our lives became filled with uncertainty and ambiguity…Read more

Cruise Plastic Surgery Announces Their Support of The Infinite Smile Project

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise and his staff are excited to be a part of The Infinite Smile Project’s mission to promote random acts of kindness and compassion towards others. Their symbolic star wand helps spread the word when gifting it to the recipient of the act of kindness.

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise’s Orange County practice, Cruise Plastic Surgery, will be providing The Infinite Smile Project’s symbolic star wands in their office in an effort to encourage others to join the movement of distributing kindness in their daily lives and promoting this important core value to their children, family, and friends. In addition, the Cruise Plastic Surgery staff has made a commitment to support the mission by pledging to make a personal effort to deliver ongoing random acts of kindness individually and with their children, as well as to spread the word about The Infinite Smile Project…Read more

The best things my son brought home from school during second grade were little pink slips of paper filled out by his classmates.

The notes were often scrawled in crooked handwriting. Each one mentioned a simple thing my son had done: He helped stack the chairs after school. He lent someone his markers. He gave a friend a pencil.

His teacher at the time, Emily Bernstein, encouraged the students to jot down when they noticed a peer was “caught showing character.” She handed out the notes and sometimes assigned a “secret friend” to make sure everyone was caught committing kindness at least occasionally…Read more

Have you ever done something on a whim and then suddenly without warning you realize you just witnessed something magical?

My name is Kim Downey and let me introduce you to The Infinite Smile Project and how it came to life.

After my then 2 1/2-year-old twin tragically fell ill and needed life-saving open-heart surgery to save her life we were surrounded by so much kindness from our friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and even practically strangers who reached out with an abundance of kindness that was overwhelming. Once my daughter was well, we decided to pay it forward with a day of random acts of kindness…Read more

The Infinite Smile Project is an amazing program that aims to bring a bit of joy and happiness into the world through acts of kindness. So when they contacted me a few weeks ago about joining their initiative as a Kindness Crusader, I knew I had to say yes. After all, who doesn’t like spreading a little cheer around?

To be honest, my reasons for jumping on the kindness bandwagon go a bit deeper than merely trying to spread the smiles around…Read more

Former TopCat Kim Downey has a passion for being kind. And she wants to share that passion with others, especially children.

Through her non-profit, The Infinite Smile Project, Downey is giving parents and children the inspiration they need to share kindness wherever they go. This multi-faceted program is designed to bring happiness, joy, and a more fulfilling life through acts of kindness and a philanthropic spirit. It is their belief that with the consistent presence of kindness and charity in both children and adults we can create a more cohesive community and change our world for the better…Read more

With my kiddos being school-aged, it has been fun watching them develop friendships. However, I have already seen and heard about drama starting between the kids in Kindergarten. I have had several talks with my kinder about how to be a great friend, and now with the Infinite Smile Project, we are on kindness and the inclusion of all in her “Friendship Team”.

The Infinite Smile Project was developed to spread joy and happiness. It is wonderful to encourage youngsters from the age of 3 to high school-aged children to get involved with kindness and acts of service in our communities…Read more

What do you do when you are heart-broken and scared beyond belief? What do you do when one of your twin two-year-old daughters needs life-saving heart surgery? You pay it forward of course.  And you go and build a kindness empire. This is the story of my beautiful friend Kim…Read more