My parents always taught me to be grateful for all that I have especially the food that I get to eat everyday. I realized how important and what a blessing it was when I first volunteered with my family at a local food bank. I learned that the food we were organizing, packaging, and shipping would go to families that could not afford at least 3 meals a day. I was so sad to know that hunger was an issue right in my own nearby communities. Over the summer I also volunteered with the Charity on Wheels to fee the homeless. This was the first time I actually met someone that was homeless. We served dinner, smiles, and prayers together. I really felt bad for the families that came in with children my age. I talked to many of the visitors and learned that they just had “bad luck” or maybe something with their health that made them homeless. Helping those that are not as fortunate as me is very important. If I can help provide food or a friendly ear to someone that could change their day for the better or maybe even their life it would be a true blessing.