A few years ago while driving my truck on the interstate the traffic slowed to a stop abruptly. As I hit the brakes to stop all of a sudden a car blasted into me. I pulled over to the side of the road and so did the other driver. My truck had little or no damage, but unfortunately the young lady’s car was heavily damaged. Luckily no on was hurt, so we exchanged information such as insurance and phone numbers. I also wrote down her address. Later when I got home I was wondering how that young girl with the 2 children was doing. She mentioned she was just coming back from a part-time job after picking her children up from daycare. I noticed her listed address was at a local motel. My minds eye showed me a picture of a young woman with limited resources. I was thinking about giving her a call to see if she needed help, but in today’s world you can’t do that Instead I mailed a check to help pay for some of the damage she sustained. I will never know if I did much to help, and I was a bit nervous about giving up my personal information on my check. But I was happy that the check was cashed as I put a message in the envelope to feel free to cash this check if you need this and there is no obligation to contact me, and I would not contact her again.