As a child, one of the most exciting things about going back to school is picking out brand new school supplies! There is nothing like a fresh pack of pencils, new notebooks, and of course a stylish new backpack! With school starting soon it’s the perfect time to spread some kindness toward youth who are not able to afford school supplies.

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Did you know that according to the Kids in Need Foundation, there are more than 16 million kids in the U.S. who arrive on the first day of school without supplies? Organizations like the Kids in Need Foundation provide those in need with the necessary supplies to have a successful school year. Partnerships and sponsorships from major suppliers provide bulk supplies for backpack-building events so that kids are prepared to learn. That is awesome!

One way you can help a kid in need with school supplies is by donating money to organizations like the Kids in Need Foundation. Simply search “backpacks for charity” on google and multiple organizations pop up that could use your support! Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and you know they are going to have a direct effect on the life of a child. However, another great way to help a kid in need, even one who attends your school, is to build a backpack filled with school supplies!

A member of our ISP team wanted to share her story as it relates to this month’s challenge!

“I loved going to school! One of the most exciting parts of going back to school was picking out my new school supplies every year! One thing that was extra special about back to school shopping though, was that I also got to pick out school supplies for a kindergartener. Starting the year I entered first grade and all the way through my senior year of high school, I would provide a backpack filled with a complete list of school supplies for a kindergartener in need. I delivered the backpack to my kindergarten teacher the week before school started and we enjoyed visiting with each other. Not only was this a great way for me to give back to a kid in need, but I also was able to stay connected to one of my favorite teachers!” — Morgan

Building a backpack for a kid in need is such a great way to spread kindness and provide a kid with the tools for success! The kid who receives your backpack will be so excited and you truly will make a difference in their life! We challenge you this month to build a backpack and share your kindness throughout the whole school year!


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Items Needed for This Month’s Challenge

    • School supply list and the items on the list for the grade level you choose
    • Backpack

How to Do This Month’s Challenge

Search for a school supply list on your school’s website. Choose a grade level that you would like to purchase supplies for a kid in need. Head to the store and pick out a backpack and the school supplies from your list. Put the school supplies in the backpack. Deliver your backpack to your school office, a favorite teacher in the grade you chose, or a family homeless shelter.

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Reflection Questions

How would you feel if you did not have school supplies?

How did it feel to build a backpack for a kid in need?

Why is it important to support, and show kindness, to our peers?

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