Meet the team behind The Infinite Smile Project

Board of Directors:

Kimberly - Executive Director

Kimberly Downey is Mom of 9 year old twins living in Southern California. She left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur of a successful children’s company with locations spanning over 14 Californian cities. She has been featured in several periodicals, radio and television. In November 2014 she was featured as one of the top Mom Entrepreneurs in Orange County and her business was awarded one of the top 100 companies supporting a World Class education in Irvine, a city known internationally for its’ education.

In addition to her company she is also a columnist, radio host, philanthropist, head of the youth and adult philanthropic ministries at her church, and creator and Executive Director of the non-profit organization, the Infinite Smile Project. The Infinite Smile Project came to life after her then 2 year old daughter underwent life-saving open heart surgery as a way to thank the many that helped her family through the experience. After witnessing what these expressions of kindness did for those who gave and received them it quickly turned into an organization that promotes these ideals on a daily basis to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life through philanthropy and charitable acts.

It is her goal to provide ideas, events, resources and a call of action to children and adults alike in communities, schools and even at home in a fun and innovative way to foster these wonderful traits that can lift and transform the world.

Racquel bw

Angel - Co-Founder and Smile Advisor

Angel is our co-founder of the Infinite Smile Project. After her life-saving open heart surgery in April 2013 she enjoyed giving back to others that were kind to her during her surgeries and recovery she told Mommy she wanted to keep doing it – always.

Her passions include handing wands and her acts of kindness cards, paintings and gifts to anyone she meets, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, singing, her beloved Pink Puppy, animals and cooking.

Adrianna bw

Peanut - Co-Founder and Smile Advisor

Peanut is our co-Founder of the Infinite Smile Project alongside twin, Angel. While helping care for her beloved twin sister during her recovery, she learned how kind people can be and wanted to give back.

After doing several hands-on acts of service in her community she decided she liked spending her time giving more than receiving. When she is not being a secret “Kindness Bandit”, she loves puzzles, kitty cats, dance class and her favorite show, Peppa Pig.

Board of Advisors:


Don Esmond

Don Esmond is the former SVP of Toyota and Lexus for North and South America and currently a senior advisor to Toyota President, Jim Lentz. In addition to his work with Toyota, he is currently an advisor for the Marine Corp and on the board of directors for the Marine Scholarship Foundation.

Esmond attributes much of his success to the values and leadership skills he developed as an officer in the United States Marines Corps. During his five-year career, Don distinguished himself as a captain, naval aviator, and helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, 45 Air Medals, and the Purple Heart.

In 1999, Don received the prestigious Semper Fidelis Award from the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which is presented annually to an individual who has displayed “dedicated and inspirational civic and community leadership.”

Currently Don serves on various boards and is a contributor for Forbes magazine.


Tasha Chang

Tasha has a background in education, concentrating on at risk kids and teens. Her passion for helping to develop services and provisions continues outside the schools as well. She has spent time in Skid Row, Compton, and various LA areas developing resources to help aid homeless and poverty stricken people. She has won OSP awards in Irvine for Supporting Drug Prevention and Challenge Day Activities and is an active community member. She is a mom of a teen and tween age girls who are involved in serving local shelters, churches, senior centers and surrounding communities.

She is also an artist and blogger who has traveled around the world, promoting education and positive values. Having also cared for ill parents, she has seen first-hand the compassion the doctors, nurses, and staff had toward her family. Her desire for her daughters to live compassionately and serve others with kindness drives her to promote these truisms in others. Tasha is honored to be a part of ISP where she can continue to be a part of impacting children and reaching their goals.



Morgan is passionate about making our communities better and whole-heartedly believes that every person deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and love. From a young age, she was inspired to make a difference for others. Morgan comes from a family of equal rights activists, believers in generosity towards others, helpers and healers, and they have shown her how to be proactive to make the world a better place. She received her BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University, which not only gave her a great dance education, but encouraged her to make a difference in the world as a leader. Morgan is proud to be a part of The Infinite Smile Project and excited to help others spread kindness and love in their communities.


Linda Bertch

Linda is a mother of four. She has been in the education field for over 20 years. Along with having a passion in education, she also developed a passion for baking decorative cookies and cupcakes while baking for her children’s birthdays and events. Since her husband’s unexpected death, she has turned her passion of baking as a form of helping with her grief and using that energy to bless others through her baking.

As a parent of a special needs child with autism, she volunteers for organizations close to her heart such as ACT Today! and the Eddie Guardado Foundation that help other families with children who have autism. Her calling in life is educating others, ministering to others who lost a loved one and those who have special needs children, and baking special custom cookies and cupcake.


Melissa Leonette

Melissa Leonette is Project Developer for The Infinite Smile Project. She searches the local Orange County and Los Angeles communities for people and places where ISP is needed. With a brother, father, and grandfather serving in multiple branches of the armed forces, it is no surprise that she has worked quite closely with Wounded Warriors, Shriners International, and the Marine Corps League Foundation.

In addition to the development and execution of local acts of kindness, her talents include public relations and documenting kindness through photographs around the world. As an accomplished world traveller and adventurer, Melissa has spent time in six separate countries in the last year alone. She spent her time researching and experiencing the kindness that others are performing all over the globe, finding where the “need” is, and bringing like-minded foundations, non-profit organizations, and people together with The Infinite Smile Project. Melissa states that “The Infinite Smile Project has become the perfect place for me to live out my philanthropic ideals, ensuring that good things happen today as well as tomorrow”.

With 11 years of heavy dedication in the USAG and fitness communities, starting a thriving yoga company in 2011, and traveling to some of the most remote places of our time, her personal and professional experiences have made it a simple transition to spread the kindness that the world has shown her.

Junior Advisory Board:

If you know anyone we should consider for our Jr. Advisory Board please contact ISP with your nomination. Jr. Board must be at least 11 years of age and preferably of high school age.



I am Isabella or “Bella” for friends and family. I am the oldest of two daughters in a loving family of four.

Accustomed around outgoing parents, I have found myself engaged in various activities. From enjoying all types of sports to baking cakes to capturing precious moments on a camera, I enjoy learning a wide range of skill levels. This helps me improve my social skills where I take risks and meet different people that turn out to be new friends. Friends are essential for a happy life. I believe that a healthy and happy mindset is important for success. Success does not necessarily include monetary richness or working as a doctor; instead, I believe that a happy and sustainable lifestyle is truly the dream, regardless of materialistic values.