Our Kindness Ambassadors are amazing kids who have given their pledge to be amazing, compassionate, philanthropic, and kind.

Being an Ambassador is a fun, easy, and impactful means to empower children in acts of service that better their community and lifestyle. For more information on becoming an ISP Ambassador click here.

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pups crest

Ages 3-8 (lower elementary)

Pups are ISP’s Ambassadors in training! All based around what is fun and interesting to our youngest age bracket, Pups learn how to be generous, giving, compassionate, and charitable in a way they can understand.

ninja crest

Ages 8-12 (upper grade elementary) Level I & Level II

ISP Ninjas work on ISP projects to master what charitable giving means, works on reaching out to other kids at school that might need a friend, and how they can empower themselves to improve their community and schools.

junior ambassador

Ages 12-14 (Jr. High)

Jr. Ambassadors begin to work more creatively and independently on their acts of service and compassion towards others, improve interpersonal skills with adults, peers, and other Ambassadors, partner with the H.S. Ambassadors, and begin their leadership training and mentoring.  Jr. Ambassadors also actively work on anti-bullying campaigns

leadership program

Ages 14-18 (High School)

The ISP Ambassador Leadership Program partners with local charitable organizations, schools, and community programs. Here Ambassadors also begin to mentor the younger Ambassadors, partner with adults and teachers to spread awareness of local and global causes, and recruitment of other students to get involved in their community projects. This program format is based on research and insight regarding non-academic requirements set by college admissions today across UC and top universities across the country.

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