Dylan & Delany Dogs are twins that are modern-day superheroes who are navigating the world with fun, kindness, and friendship in their children’s book series. Although complete opposites, these siblings work together with their talented friends, to navigate various challenges in morality in Pawville.

Dylan & Delany work to inspire others to give compassion, kindness, and charity freely. Every day is an adventure in making kind the new cool, but it sure is fun! Just ask them………….


Hi everyone! My name is Dylan. Full name: Dylan Dog.

You could say I am a super-amazing superhero, who is out to save the world, one act of kindness at a time. Once I suit up, there is no stopping me!

Need a smile today? I’m here to help. In need of a friend? I’m your dog!

Nothing gets my tail wagging like the reaction I get when I serve others. Well, that and chocolate chip ice-cream – Dylan Dog to the Rescue.


Welcome friends! I am Delany Dog.

I like to dress up as a Princess and one should never be without a wand – a Kindness Wand that is! In my world, all things are done with grace, kindness, and, of course – a curtsey.

A real Princess always seeks to serve others, which is what I love to do. It just makes my ears perk up and my wand sparkle a little more when I am making others happy.

Want to join me? I would love to tell you more over a tea party! – Sparkles & Love Delany xo

Come and share in the adventures of Dylan & Delany and their friends in Pawville. They will pass on their secrets to kindness and even give you a magic star of your own to help you start your own crusade. They can’t wait to meet you!