Have you ever heard that quote…”love knows no age”?? The quote can be said in many different ways, but we’re focusing on age because we’re encouraging you to spread some love toward our senior citizens this month! So no matter how many years are between you and the seniors in your community, show them some love and kindness this month with Valentine’s cards and decorations!

This has become one of our ambassadors’ favorite campaigns to participate in, so we’re bringing it back for another year! Seniors are a big part of our communities and are often overlooked when it comes to volunteer work and charitable giving. Many have shaped our communities into what they are today and we want to show our gratitude to them this month. Seniors are some of the most important people in our communities and they offer a lot of knowledge and experience. They see life through a different perspective and we can learn so much when we sit down, have a conversation, and get to know them.

Many seniors reside in senior living homes or communities! The people who work in these residences often put on activities for the seniors to participate in throughout the year! Some examples include baking cookies, dances, hikes, bike rides, movie nights, and game nights! We all know how much time and effort goes into putting on events like these; so we’re encouraging our ISP Ambassadors this month to give a helping hand in celebrating Valentine’s Day! Stop by your local senior center and deliver some Valentine’s cards and decorations!

Items Needed for This Month’s Challenge

    • A box or basket to put supplies in – feel free to decorate!
    • White paper
    • Markers, colored pencils, etc.
    • Valentine’s Decorations

How to Do This Month’s Challenge

Contact a local senior center or senior living community and let them know you’d like to stop by and deliver some Valentine’s cards and decorations. Ask if there is anything specific you can include in your box/basket and when you’ll be stopping by. Start by decorating a box or basket to put all of your supplies into once you’ve gathered them. Then gather supplies with the help of your family and maybe let your friends/neighbors know what you’re up to and ask if they would like to contribute anything. Once your box/basket of decorations is ready for delivery, take it to your location, and give it to one of the employees!

Pass out your Valentine’s cards to the seniors and have a conversation with them! Ask them their name, where they grew up, a favorite memory, what they enjoy doing…anything! Play them a song on your instrument, do a dance for them, show off your karate moves, sing, bring some drawings or anything extra you’d like to share.

We have a fun Cupcake Sock craft for you as well if you’d like to give a little extra love! This was done a couple of years ago and the seniors loved their cute cupcake socks so much!

Cupcake Sock Items:

  • Spa socks (Thick fuzzy socks – sold almost anywhere – Walmart, Amazon, dollar stores, etc.)
  • Rubber band
  • Wilton Pink Petal Baking Cups
  • Ribbon To coordinate with your paper and sock color
  • Chapstick/lipgloss with red (cherry top) *or* red pompon glued to a bobby pin for the “cherry”
  • Buttons, tags, sparkles, stickers, etc to decorate the cupcake for your own little “signature”
  • Cellophane cupcake bags (optional if you wish to wrap up)


  1. Remove all tags from socks. Lay the socks flat, one on top off the other.
  2. Beginning at the toe end roll the socks up, keeping the non-heal edge even as you roll.
  3. Place a rubber band on the lower half of socks.
  4. Use fingers to pull edges of socks to emulate swirls of frosting. Start by gently pulling up the middle of the sock to make a slight peak.
  5. Next place either the chapstick or the pom glued to a bobby pin in the center of the cupcake for the “cherry” in the middle.
  6. Place sock cupcake on bottom of baking cups and secure
  7. Lastly, use a ribbon and wrap liner (use glue to secure). You can make a bow, use stickers, glitter glue, etc. Anything to give it some personality.
  8. *optional* If you wish to wrap, cut cellophane paper to size, stick cupcake in middle, pull ends to middle and secure with a ribbon and bow.

Check out our Pinterest page for some awesome inspiration!

Reflection Questions

    • How did it make you feel to do something for the seniors in your community?
    • How do you think you made the seniors feel when you delivered your cards and decorations?
    • If you spent time talking with a senior, what was something new you learned? What was your favorite part of your conversation?