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12 Days of Christmas “Acts of Kindness Edition”

Use these printables for the December 2020 Blog Post!

12 Days of Christmas – color

click here to download

12 Days of Christmas – black and white

click here to download

“Souper Bowl of Caring” Printables 

Use these printables for the January 2020 Campaign!

Souper Bowl of Caring Playbook Poster

click here to download

Souper Bowl of Caring Playbook – page 1 only

click here to download

“Boo It Forward” and “Boo-grams” 

Use these fun Halloween printables for the October 2019 Campaign!

“Boo It Forward” Ghost

click here to download

TKO “Boo It Forward” Skeleton

click here to download

TKO “Boo It Forward” Spider

click here to download

TKO “Bootiful” Skeleton (for “Boo It Forward” Skeleton)

click here to download

TKO “Bootiful” Spider (for “Boo It Forward” Spider)

click here to download

Kindness Wand Traveling Star Tag

Print the PDF below on 8.5 x 11 paper and cut out the tags to add to your Kindness Wands! Name your Kindness Wands to watch them travel as they are added to our Kindness Map! Write a unique name for each wand on the back of its’ tag and either laminate the tag or use clear packing tape to protect the tag.

Click here to download

25 Days of Kindness Calendar

Download your 25 Days of Kindness Calendar for the December 2018 Challenge! Hang the calendar in your home and cross off the days as you complete them! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ISP25daysofkindness to share your participation with us! Happy Holidays!

Click here to download

Inspire Kindness Valentine’s Cards

Young and old, hand these out with a random act of kindness during Valentine’s Day. Love and kindness should be spread for the other 364 days of the year!
Download & print the cards HERE

Printable Wand

Need a wand in a hurry? Print out the kindness/act of service wand, cut and GIVE! Once you’ve made another smile add your story and a photo to the map!

Download and print the wand HERE

Star Badge

Want something different than a wand to spread some good deeds? Leave your kindness and service “badge”. Print, cut, and hand out with your act of kindness/act of service. Then go to the map and add your story!

Download and print the badge HERE

Kindness Star

Want to show where you are spreading kindness in the world? Print this tag, attach to one of our stars or one you create, do an act of kindness or service and have your new friend add their own star to the map!

Download and print the tag HERE

Random Acts Of Kindness Cards

Want to head out today and make someone’s day? Print our Random act of kindness card and have some fun. Print these in color front to back and attach with your random act of kindness item anywhere in the world. Feel free to tag us on social media to share where you are spreading the love.

Download and print a random act of kindness card HERE

25 Days Of Kindness

‘Tis the Season for Kindness, use this worksheet to list 25 acts of kindness you would like to perform and check them off this holiday season.

Download & Print the blank worksheet HERE.
Download and Print the pre-made worksheet HERE.

Festive Holiday Random Acts of Kindness Half Sheets

Add a festive note to your random act of kindness this holiday season! Download & Print HERE.

Princess Kindness Tea Printables

Throw a kindness tea party for your little princess and her friends!
Download & Print Princess Tags onto Cardstock HERE. (once printed, cut out and use as table setting labels, placecards, or to attach to tea cups or goody bags by punching a hole into the tag and attaching with a pretty ribbon or string)

Download, Edit & Print Princess Kindness Tea Invitation/Kindness Mission HERE

Infinite Smile Project Wand Tags

(you can also attach to any item you want to pass on). Print front & back on 8 x 11 paper.You can always tie our wand tags to any item that you are planning to pass on or if you want to write a kindness note on the back to give to others. Print on 8 x 11 printer paper or a lightweight cardstock.
Front: Download & Print Here
Back: Download & Print Here

‘Inspire Others’ Wand Tags Print on 8 x 11 paper.
Download & Print Here

Throwback Kindness Thursdays!

On Thursdays, #TBT with KINDNESS! Post these awesome graphics on your social media handles and share your story of kindness with us!

Summer of Kindness

Tracker Chart & Kindness Ideas. Print on 8 x 11 paper.
OC Dance Productions Dance Campers & Students Tracker Chart: Download & Print Here
Kindness Tracker Chart: Download & Print Here
Kindness Ideas: Download & Print Here