Comforting Those Who Need Some Love

We all go through hard times at various points. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say or do to help others. Sometimes just a small gesture that involves some thought and love is the best thing we can do to lift another’s spirit.

Think of someone you know who is having a hard time right now. It can be any age for any reason. Write them a card, bring them a meal, or just simply call them.

So this month the challenge is simple and to the point – make an effort to reach out to another and tell them they are special and that you are thinking of them. For our Ambassadors, a homemade card is always something that touches others. Especially when they are from children.

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Supplies needed:

  1. Paper
  2. Markers or crayons
  3. Stickers
  4. Words of encouragement and love
  5. Envelope
  6. A person or two you have identified to be the recipient of these well wishes

How to do this month’s challenge

  1. Talk with Mom and/or Dad and decide if you know anyone who needs a little pick me up. If not many times Grandmas and Grandpas always love to receive things and know people are thinking of them.
  2. Grab your paper and markers or crayons, write a warm message and decorate away!
  3. Mail or personally drop off the card with some hugs and love!

You can always attend our event on March 5th and make teddy bears and attach cards and tags to these loved ones as well!

Have at it Ambassadors!

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