February’s here! This month we celebrate and share our love and kindness with those near and dear to our hearts. We know our ISP ambassadors can’t wait to go above and beyond to make their family and friends feel extra special! This year we’re challenging our kind kids to shower their friends, family, and neighbors with “Heart Attacks”! A feel-good, warm-and-fuzzy “Heart Attack” that is!

It’s easy to run to the store and buy some pre-made Valentine’s cards, but isn’t that kind of an ordinary way to show the love you have for those special people in your life?  These are people you see every day, who make a difference in your life, and are there for you when you need them! They deserve something that reflects how you truly feel about them! Giving a “Heart Attack” is a great way to show your love and spread some kindness this Valentine’s Day (or all of February if you’re up for it).

A “Heart Attack” is made up of a bunch of heart-shaped cards with kind messages written on them. (check out our blog post here for message ideas and why practicing kindness feels good) You can get as creative as you like with your “Heart Attack”, which only makes it more fun for you and the people you’re attacking. The best part about giving a “Heart Attack” is delivering them…secretly! There are lots of great examples on our Pinterest page and we encourage you to check them out for inspiration; as well as some fun crafts, recipes, and ideas for kids and families this Valentine’s Day. “Heart Attacks” are something you can do for anyone throughout the whole month. Maybe your neighbor down the street who always waves to you? We bet they would love to wake up to their door covered in hearts with your kind messages! Maybe an old babysitter or older sibling who is away at college? We’re sure it would put a smile on their face to open a “Heart Attack”! Maybe all of your classmates at school? A “Heart Attack” and all of your kind words are sure to be something they remember!

You can even challenge your recipients to “Heart Attack” someone else! Spread the love and kindness!

Items Needed for This Month’s Challenge:

    • Colored construction paper
    • Something to write kind notes with – markers, colored pencils, and crayons are great options! Get creative as you like though!
    • Scissors
    • Materials to package your “Heart Attack”
    • A list of amazingly kind people that deserve a kindness note

*We made some printables to download to help get you started. Check them out here

How to do This Month’s Challenge:

Using your scissors (or with mom/dad helping) cut out hearts from your construction paper. Write kind messages on your hearts using our list on the blog or make up your own. Choose your method of packaging your “Heart Attack”. Some personal favorites are stringing the hearts on some yarn or string to hang on a doorway, taping the hearts to windows, backpacks, or doors, or putting all of your heart messages in a decorated box. Now your “Heart Attack” is ready for delivery! Secretly deliver your “Heart Attack” to your special someone and feel good knowing that you spread some kindness and love in a unique way this month!

Reflection Questions:

How do you think your special loved ones felt when they received a “Heart Attack”?

How did it make you feel to give a “Heart Attack”?

Why is it important to show people we care about them?

Why do you love the people you “Heart Attacked”? How did you choose them?

If someone “Heart Attacked” you, what do you think the messages would say?