Card Making for our Homeless!

We are starting off the year focusing once again on our homeless. In October at the OWW fundraiser, we met an amazing man named, John. He was gregarious, funny, kind – and the children at this event ADORED him. He told jokes, asked them about themselves, and completely entertained them. The kids – well, they were just themselves. I spoke with him as well one on one. He was so inspiring, so positive and had such an amazing outlook on life all the while not knowing where he would sleep tomorrow, or if he could fill his stomach. He mentioned none of this and instead talked about his faith in God and that he knows he will find his way back.

The next day when I spoke to the founder of OWW, I asked him who that man was the night before. He told me it was John, a homeless man he has known for quite some time. He told me that John had said to him after the children left that he was even more inspired now to get back on his feet. How much that night meant to him because these kids didn’t know he was homeless. All they know was that he was their new friend, John. John who made them laugh. John who was an incredible story teller. John, the really cool guy that was no different than their Dads or family friends. This left John on cloud 9 and more motivated than ever to get back on track.

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Children have the incredible power to make us believe again. Believe in a better world, a better life and a better us. A simple drawing, gift, or smile from a child can change the most cynical person’s day.

This is what we want to do for our challenge this month.

This month we are going to make cards for our February event OWW is holding for homeless, “Cut the Hate, and Show the Love”. Makeovers will be given to the homeless, work clothes donated for men and women, and haircuts provided. We want to give them a card at the end of their makeover letting them know we believe in them, know they will succeed, and are loved.

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Supplies needed:

  1. Paper
  2. Markers
  3. Stickers
  4. Words of encouragement and praise

How to do this month’s challenge

  1. Invite some friends over, ask your Boy Scout or Brownie Troop, school or team to come together one afternoon and use their best artistry to make cards for those getting their makeover to get back on their feet
  2. Make several cards with color, fun images, and love
  3. Inside write (or have Mom write) words of encouragement such as, “you are amazing!”, “You are special”, “We believe in you”, “You are loved”, etc.
  4. Mail to the infinite Smile Project at 12317 Jamboree Road, #339, Tustin, CA 92678 by January 31st, 2017
  5. Track your act of kindness and service on your personal Ambassador page
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This event will be held the first or second weekend in February for a special Valentine’s hug for our friends who need a little pick-me-up.

As always thanks for all your amazing work Ambassadors!


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