Every one of us probably knows at least one person who is actively serving in the U.S. military or who has served at some time in their life. Those service members undergo a lot to defend our nation. It is important to show our support for our military and their families, who rely on the communities around them for continued motivation.

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The United Service Organization’s main purpose is to support our nation’s military and their families. The USO operates centers near military occupied areas all around the world, maintains a devoted staff in airports for traveling service members and families, and provides entertainment for deployed troops to keep them connected to home. Additionally, the offer specialized programs for service members throughout the entirety of their military employment.

What is so amazing about the USO is that the non-profit organization operates on the generosity of individuals like you, organizations and corporation donations, and communities who come together to support the brave people putting their lives on the line every day.

By supporting the USO through volunteer work, donations, and care packages you know that your kindness is having a direct impact on the whole nation. Showing appreciation for service members and their families gives them hope, comfort, and happiness. We know that showing appreciation for a job well done encourages people to keep up the good work.

How to Do This Month’s Challenge

Contact a local USO location near you and see if they have any volunteer days coming up, ask what items they have on their wish list, and if you can stop by/mail in some thank you cards for active military. If you’re able, attend a volunteer day and actively participate in supporting your service members and their families. Most USO locations have wish lists from local service members who are deployed. You can find the wish lists on your local USO website (directions below). If you aren’t able to attend a volunteer day, consider donating to support the wish list at your USO location. Something as easy as a thank you note goes a long way toward showing your appreciation. Write 5-10 thank you notes to drop off or mail into your local USO location.

How to Find Your Local USO

  • Follow this link: https://www.uso.org/locations
  • Zoom in on the map or view the list in the upper right-hand corner of the map
  • Select the location nearest to you
  • Click on the location and you will be directed to their website

If you are local to Orange County, the nearest USO location is at the John Wayne Airport. Here is the link for the Bob Hope USO website click here!

Items Needed for This Month’s Challenge

  • Paper or blank cards
  • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  • Anything extra you would like to use to decorate your card
  • For fun U.S.A. themed card ideas check out our Pinterest page!


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Reflection Questions

Why is it important to show our military our appreciation?

How does our military keep us safe?

How does your kindness toward service members have an impact on the whole nation?

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