Lemonade! One of summer’s most delicious drinks! Is there any better way to spend a summer afternoon than hosting a lemonade stand? There sure is! By hosting a lemonade stand that raises money for charity!

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Most people like to support lemonade stands…helping kids get one step closer to saving up for a special trip to the toy store, or extra vacation spending money puts a smile on their face as they sip their delicious, sweet drink. However, people love supporting lemonade stands that put the earnings toward charity even more! You’d be surprised at how many kids have raised HUGE amounts of money to support causes they’re passionate about just by sitting in their neighborhood and selling lemonade.

The “Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation” was started by Alexandra “Alex” Scott. She had been battling cancer since the age of one and shortly after her fourth birthday, she was determined to make a difference for other sick children. Her first lemonade stand brought in $2,000, which she donated to her hospital. Within the next four years, Alex and her family held many lemonade stands raising 1 million dollars for childhood cancer research! Sadly, Alex passed away at eight years old, but her legacy lives on through lemonade stands all over the world. Such a compassionate and motivated little girl inspired people to continue hosting lemonade stands in her honor and donating their earnings to the “Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation”. The foundation continues to put the money toward childhood cancer research and you could help too! If you would like to donate your lemonade stand profits to the “Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation” follow this link here!

Five-year-old Grady raised over $400 in support of fallen police officers in his hometown. He felt compelled to do something to show his heroes appreciation and hosted a lemonade stand, giving all of his earnings to a police station.

A group of kids in upstate New York raised close to $160 during their lemonade stand. The purpose: to give all of their earnings to the Houston SPCA after Hurricane Harvey. Their efforts not only raised money but awareness as well, for the animals affected by the hurricane.

Six-year-old A’Layah, a former foster kid, raises money through her successful lemonade stand “A’Layah’s Lemonade for Love” to provide care packages for foster kids. Her lemonade stand is an ongoing non-profit organization, which uses earnings to provide foster kids with toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bibles, backpacks, and other essential items. Her first lemonade stand, hosted at four years old shortly after her adoption, raised $136 and has only received more recognition and support over the years. “A’Layah’s Lemonade for Love” is an amazing example of how one kind act can spark a movement. If you would like to donate your lemonade stand profits to “A’Layah’s Lemonade for Love” follow this GoFundMe link here!


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Items Needed for This Month’s Challenge

    • Lemonade recipe! Most call for sugar, lemons, and water
    • Invitations
    • Cups
    • Ice
    • Moneybox
    • Handouts featuring your charity of choice
    • Stirring spoon (wooden spatulas work great)
    • Table
    • Chairs
    • Lemonade sign featuring prices and your charity of choice

How To Do This Month’s Challenge

Choose a charity you’re passionate about to donate your profits to after your lemonade stand. We have provided a list of common organizations below which could use your support. However, feel free to donate to one of the organizations mentioned in this month’s challenge. Once you have chosen your charity, make your decorations or fill out the invitation we created. Deliver your invitations to your neighbors and friends a day or two before your lemonade stand, even the morning of your lemonade stand is great! The more people who know about your lemonade stand the better! Prepare your lemonade, be sure to make enough for lots of thirsty customers! Set up your lemonade stand with you sign nicely displayed. Be prepared to answer questions about your charity of choice and why you are passionate about it. Once your lemonade stand is packed up for the day, donate your profits to your charity.

List of Charitable Organizations

    • Animal Shelters
    • Children’s Hospitals
    • Homeless Shelters
    • Environmental organizations
    • Disaster relief organizations
    • Local service members such as police and fire stations
    • Sports charities
    • Wild animal protection organizations
    • Military and Veteran charities
    • Educational and scholarship charities
    • Click on this link for a list by “America’s Best Charities”
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Reflection Questions

How did you decide which charity/organization to donate your profits to?

How did it feel to give back to a charity/organization you are passionate about?

Will you host another lemonade stand for charity in the future?

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