Did you know that nearly half a million children are in the foster care system in the United States? With statistics like that, some of you may even know a child or friend who is in the foster care system and not even realize it. This month our focus is on helping these children transition from their unstable home environments to foster care. 

Children who are in the foster care system are often removed from their home because of abuse or neglect. Their parents are deemed to be unfit parents or the home environment is not safe, and for the betterment of the child, they are placed in foster care with a family who can help provide a better and more stable life for them. When a child is removed from his/her home there may not be a lot of time for them to grab their belongings, including essential life items such as a toothbrush, hairbrush, school supplies, etc. So not only do these children have to adjust to living with complete strangers, but they are left wondering if their new home will have the items they need. 

This month we encourage you to help children who are entering the foster care system. In a couple of hours, you and some friends can create multiple go-kits for children transitioning into a foster home. Go-kits are filled with essential life items, as well as some fun and creative activities as well. Plan a playdate with a purpose or invite some friends over for a movie night and do something kind this month! 

Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign*

  • Fleece 
    • large enough to make a blanket, cut the edges and tie them together
  • NEW toothbrushes
  • NEW hairbrushes
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Backpacks – preferably new or clean/gently used
  • Books
  • Building Blocks
  • Nail polish
  • Hair accessories – hair ties, clips, bobby pins, etc.

*feel free to adjust your items – you can add things like coloring books, crayons, pencils, notebooks, pajamas, sports equipment/gear…ANYTHING! As long as your items fit into a backpack, fun bag, or decorated pillowcase you are free to get creative! 

How to Do this Month’s Campaign

Gather your friends and family members for a couple of hours to create your go-kits. Suggest that everyone brings some donated items to contribute to the go-kits. Assemble your kits and be sure to pack everything into something that can easily be carried. Contact a local foster agency near you to inquire about their donation requirements/requests and set up a date to deliver your go-kits.  

Orange County Foster Agencies

Reflection Questions

What would you say to a friend if you knew they were in a foster home? 

Why is it important to support children in the foster care system?