Clothe a Friend in Need

While most of us are planning our summer camp and activity schedules for the summer, many parents and their children need just the basics such as clothing for the hot days of summer. Over 22,000 children in Orange County, CA alone are considered homeless and we can help them just by looking in our closets.

Supplies Needed:

A closet, drawer or attic with summer clothes that no longer fit

An adult willing and able to drop off these clothes

The desire to help a friend in need

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How to do this month’s campaign:

  1. Gather clothes that no longer fit that belong to you or your siblings
  2. Separate those that are suited for summer months (ie: shorts, t-shirts, even sweatshirts for beach cities at night)
  3. Have Mom contact ISP prior to June 24th for collection
  4. ISP will sort clothes by size and gender to distribute at the dinner for local homeless on June 24
  5. Begin making bags of clothes for fall and winter with other clothes
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Idea Box

Make it a family affair. Take one summer day and have Mom or Dad (or both) provide you with their clothes to donate as well. Many places also collect work attire to help homeless assimilate into the working world again. Click here (here is the link: for additional places your family can donate to kids, adults or those needing clothes for interviews and new jobs.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do people become homeless?
  2. Do you think anyone can be homeless? What makes them different from you or me?
  3. Does it make them a better or worse person because they are homeless?
  4. What would you have done with these clothes if you chose NOT to donate them to homeless friends?
  5. Why do you think it is important to help others in this way?
  6. Does it make you look at this clothes and material things you have differently knowing how much they will mean to someone else?
  7. How else can you help other homeless kids in your area?
  8. Get creative on ways you can help them and send your ideas to ISP. It could be our next challenge!
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If you would like to join us on one of our family events to serve the homeless, provide them with clothes, and sanitation sacks please contact ISP to be put on our local events calendar. All ages welcome with parent/guardian supervision.