It’s summer. A wonderful time of year for all our ISP Ambassadors and families with BBQ’s, beach days and family vacations.

I know in my house before summer and again before the holidays we do a sweep of our toys, games and clothes to see what we no longer use that we can pass on to another who may have a need. I recently read that many homeless shelters have needs for games, decks of cards, and other inexpensive entertainment items. This is the perfect time of year to go through not only kids but adult games and donate gently used games or cards or possibly purchase some new ones for our local shelters.

In Los Angeles County alone there are on average 47,000 homeless and in Orange County there are 30,000 homeless children that struggle with homelessness on a daily basis. Kids many times wonder what power they have to help with these staggering numbers. For June we are telling them they can- quite easily in fact.

Ambassadors – as your school year wraps up and summer kicks off, grab Mom or Dad and gather adult and some kid games in good condition to donate to shelters. Additionally if you feel you can do more, make a trip to a Walmart or other discount store and purchase some card decks or inexpensive games for others staying in shelters this summer. Want to help but don’t have time? Visit amazon.com, order some games or card decks and have them delivered to a shelter of your choice anywhere in the country.

Items Needed:

  1. A “summer” cleaning attitude
  2. A helping hand of Mom or Dad
  3. Closets, shelves, cabinets that hold a multitude of games that may not have been used in some time
  4. A little research online to find a shelter or organization that collects items for those staying at a local shelter.

How to do this month’s challenge:

  1. Decide if you want to donate gently used games from your own collection or purchase some (or both) for a local shelter
  2. Sit with an adult and do some research to locate shelters in your area. If you have one in mind that is out of state you can contact them directly on their needs in this area and how you can send some directly to their shelter.
  3. Collect the games
  4. Make arrangements with the shelter of your choice to drop off or send the items you are donating.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is your favorite game? What makes this one fun? Does it make you laugh, think or both?
  2. What are your parents’ favorite game? Why do they like this game?
  3. Why do you think someone else will enjoy this game?
  4. What do you think it must be like for adults and kids that don’t have a home and use shelters as a home?
  5. What else can you do to make things a bit more comfortable for people living in shelters?

Thanks Ambassadors!