How much do you look forward to your birthday each year? It’s the one day of the year where your friends and family gather together to celebrate YOU! Maybe you have a big party or attend a special event with a few close friends. Most likely there is cake and presents and the whole day is filled with fun! Birthdays are the best…at least for most kids, this is true.

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Some kids are not fortunate enough to live in a household where their family members throw a party for them each year on their special day. For some kids, birthdays may be spent on the street or in a shelter. Their parents might not necessarily have the financial stability to throw a big birthday bash, although we’re sure these parents wish they could. Just imagine what it would be like to wake up on your birthday and not have any kind of celebration. We want to make sure that every kid, no matter their situation, is given a birthday celebration!

For this month’s campaign, we encourage you to put together the ultimate birthday pack for shelter kids. You do not have to plan an event, simply put together a goodie bag filled with decorations, treats, and presents so that each kid who lives in the shelter can celebrate together this month, even if their birthdays are not in June. Basically, you’re providing all the supplies for the best UN-birthday party!

Items You Will Need for This Month’s Campaign

    • Homemade cards – You can get a pack of cards or make one giant birthday card
    • Cake (homemade or store-bought)
    • Candles
    • Gift cards to places like Target, Walmart, and TJ Maxx
    • Balloons
    • Bubbles
    • Party Hats
    • Noise Makers
    • Instant Tattoos
    • Games
    • Donate any toys that you would like to give to the shelter kids

How To Do This Month’s Campaign

Gather your supplies for your birthday pack. You can include all of the items on the list, some of the items, or go above and beyond and add more! What’s so fun about this campaign is that you can really personalize your birthday pack. Find a family homeless shelter near you and contact them to find out when would be the best time to bring your birthday pack. When you contact the shelter, you can ask about the kids who typically stay there and how old they are so you have an idea of what supplies you would like to put together. Once you have your birthday pack ready and your date set to drop it off, you are set! It would be really special to stay and celebrate with the kids, watch them open their presents, and play some games with them.


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Reflection Questions

What was your favorite part of this month’s campaign?

How do you think the shelter kids felt when you brought them your birthday pack?

Why is it important to show kindness to people even if you don’t know them personally? Especially if they are in a difficult situation.

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