Wow! Dads are awesome! They are like our own superheroes and always have the best jokes. June is the perfect month to highlight dads with Father’s Day right around the corner. You may not realize how much your dad does for you to keep you safe, healthy, and happy. Let’s do something this month for our dads to show our appreciation.

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Your dad has encouraged you in many ways; as ISP Ambassadors we know that your dad has been a part of you choosing to give back to others through acts of kindness. This month we challenge you to give a Father’s Day gift to your dad that also gives back. There are so many companies that sell products and donate a portion of their proceeds to non-profits and organizations that do good in the world. Instead of making your dad a homemade gift this year or decorating a card, please consider giving a gift that keeps on giving. We have put together a list of products and the organizations they support below to help you choose the perfect gift for your dad. Some of these products are a little more expensive, however, know that your money is also a donation! If you choose to not have mom or another adult to help you financially, there is a list of service acts you can do with your dad in lieu of a physical gift. Whatever you choose is fine, the important part is that you are spreading love and kindness to your family, your community, and the world.


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You will not need any items for this challenge except an adult’s help ordering your gift of choice or gathering supplies for your charitable act. 

Tom’s Sunglasses – For every pair of eyewear bought, Tom’s provides prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, and/or medical treatment for a person in need

LottoLove Card – Win charitable gifts (clean water, months of solar energy, literacy tools, or nutritious meals) for people in need

Laptop Sleeve from Enrou – Made by Ugandan women and helps provide financial and personal development training for Ugandan women

STATE Bag – Every bag purchased provides one fully stocked backpack, hand-delivered to a child in need in the U.S.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co – 20% of proceeds go to no-kill rescue shelters partnered with the company

S’Well Products (water bottles, tumblers, etc.) – Donates a portion of their profits to UNICEF TAP Project, which provides clean water and sanitation facilities to children around the world

Sprout Pencil Set  Pack of eight pencils, the stubs can be planted and grow into different herbs and flowers

(RED) Products – 100% of the money from (RED) products goes to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS

Keep Dad looking fresh through – Local to Orange County, CA! A portion of profits goes back to non-profits and charities such as Working Wardrobes, Child Abuse America, and Breast Cancer Angels

Headphones from LSTN – LSTN uses profits to provide hearing aids to people in need and brings the wonderful sounds of music to those who need it most

No affiliate links are associated with this post, simply products we found that give back with direct links to their website for ease.

Ideas for Charitable Acts

Plant a Tree with your Dad – As you watch the tree grow with your family, you’ll not only be helping the earth but every time you look at it you’ll be reminded that as you grow so does the love between you and your dad

Volunteer with your Dad at his favorite charity!

Take your Dad’s favorite childhood games to a family homeless shelter and play them with your dad and the kids at the shelter!

Plant a vegetable garden and then donate your produce to a local food pantry!

Got a stay at home dad? Gift him the information to join a Dad Group through the National At-Home Dad Network!

Clean out the garage (without dad’s help) and donate your old bikes and toys to Goodwill!

Donate unused or old electronics to organizations that give back, such as Hope Phones, Reconnect and Close the Gap. Just make sure you go through electronics with dad before donating in his honor! (It’s not a kind act if you donate something he uses all the time)

How to Do this Month’s Challenge:

Choose a product or charitable act that you would like to gift to your dad this Father’s Day. Order your product, or gather any supplies you might need for you charitable act, and present your gift to your dad on his special day. He will love that you not only thought of him but others as well.

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Dads are awesome and they have taught us to be awesome too! This Father’s Day let’s do something awesome to celebrate how much our dads mean to us!

Reflection Questions

What did you learn from the product you chose? How did the organization associated with that product inspire you to choose it as your gift?

Why is it important to support companies that give back to non-profits and charities?

How does your dad make you feel loved and encourage you do spread kindness? Tell him your answer!

Why is it important to show appreciation to your dad, not just on Father’s Day, but every day?

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