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Shoes…we wear them every day. Most of us have multiple pairs of shoes and have the option to find the perfect pair to make our outfit look great. Not only do our shoes help show off our personal style, but they also protect our feet from getting wet, dirty, and from infections. Additionally, they allow us to run, jump, and play wherever we want! What if you didn’t have any shoes though and every day your feet were at risk of getting bit by fleas called jiggers? This is true for thousands of people in Eastern Africa, and while jiggers are little they create big problems. This month we are asking our Ambassadors to help make these problems as tiny as the fleas that cause them.

Jiggers are small sand fleas that bury into a person’s skin, often on their feet, and feeds off of their blood. In a matter of days, a jigger swells to over 1000 times its’ original size and lays hundreds of eggs. Once hatched, the eggs lead to painful itching and infection causing the affected person to have difficulty walking. Children are not able to attend school, adults cannot provide for their families, and the elderly are often immobilized in their homes. Once an infected person is no longer able to walk, the jiggers often will move to other areas of the body. While there is no cure, there are preventative steps that the people of Uganda can take to live life jigger free!

This month, we are partnering with an organization called Sole Hope to help people in Eastern Africa become one step closer to living life jigger free! Sole Hope’s mission is to build relationships, provide treatment, and educate people through the Sole Hope Outreach House located in Uganda. At the Sole Hope Outreach House, locals and volunteers from all over the world help remove jiggers, provide shoes, and educate people on how to remain jigger free. We will be helping them this month by putting together Care Kits! After assembled, Care Kits are sent to Uganda where nurses use the contents, along with soap and a wash basin, to remove jiggers, care for wounds, and help patients treat any future cases of jiggers themselves.

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Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign: 

(Makes one Care Kit)

    • Quart sized freezer bags
    • Snack-sized Ziploc bags
    • Ten bandaids – a variety of sizes, please
    • Five LARGE safety pins
    • Cotton balls
    • One tube of Triple Antibiotic Cream
    • Ten alcohol wipes
    • One page of children’s stickers
    • A box for shipping your Care Kit(s)
    • Optional – care or note for the recipient

How to do this Month’s Campaign:

Once you have gathered and counted out your supplies, you are ready to assemble your Care Kit(s)!

    1. Fill the snack-sized Ziploc bag with cotton balls
    2. Place all items in the quart-sized freezer bag
    3. Don’t forget to include your fun stickers!
    4. Pack your Care Kit(s) in the shipping box
    5. Include any extra supplies, please be sure to pack them separately in quart-sized Ziploc bags. Ex: all extra cotton balls in one quart-sized bag, all extra safety pins in another quart-sized bag, all extra alcohol wipes in another quart-sized bag, etc.
    6. Print out and include the Sole Hope Return Form – Care Kit Return Form
    7. Include an optional donation – please be sure to place cash or checks in an envelope. If writing a check please make it payable to Sole Hope and write FUN224151 in the memo
    8. Mail your Care Kit(s) to one of the addresses listed below

Feel free to check out the Care Kit instructional video provided by Sole Hope below! 

You may choose to make more than one Care Kit, however, please note that Sole Hope requests if you make more than 10 Kits to please include $2 for every kit over 10 i.e. 11 Kits = $2, 12 Kits = $4. This covers the extra supplies needed to complete each kit – the wash basin, soap, and educational materials. If you choose to make more than 10 kits please place your cash or check in an envelope with the total number of Care Kits and the total amount of donations written on the outside of the envelope.

USPS: Sole Hope PO Box 3263 Salisbury, NC 28145

UPS/FedEx: Sole Hope 605 East Innes Street #3263 Salisbury, NC 28144

If you wish to learn more about Sole Hope you can check out their website here Sole Hope

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Reflection Questions:

  • What did you learn from participating in this month’s campaign?
  • How would you feel if every day you were at risk of being infected by jiggers? How would your life change?
  • How do you think the patients will feel when they receive your Care Kit?
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