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The Infinite Smile Project’s Monthly Campaign is a project that we select for anyone to participate in. It can be done as a group, class, team or can even be done individually.

The Infinite Smile Project monthly campaign for September and October 2014 is: Backpack and School Supplies Donations.

Although school has already started, there are still kids that need backpacks and supplies who cannot afford their own.

Here is how this months campaign works:

  1. Send emails to friends or notify families from school or extra-curricular activities to bring you either new or gently used backpacks or new school supplies such as pencils, binders, paper, etc.
  2. Give them a deadline for drop off to either you directly or a school drop off point.
  3. Contact your local food banks or large organizations in your area that assist the less fortunate and ask which organizations support such donations and distribute them to those in need in your county.
  4. Remove any personal info on the backpacks (if used) and fill them with any supplies that have been donated. The bag does not have to be full but just stuffed with the pertinent items for school.
  5. Backpacks for adults can also be collected and filled with items for the homeless and taken to your local homeless shelters. Items such as blankets, water, food, gift cards for fast food restaurants, towel, sanitary wipes, Kleenex, protein bars, pad and paper and other items are always appreciated.They will know who these organizations are near you and can direct you the best in your area. If in Orange County, CA,  The Infinite Smile Project has many referrals on where to take these items.

Dollar stores, coupons and warehouse stores such as Costco are your best options for this campaign.