Back to School is “Give Back” This Year – August’s Kid Campaign!


It’s that time of year – wrapping up vacations and starting to focus on another year of school (how DID this happen SO FAST?). Each year most of us take the kids to the local Target, Pottery Barn, or local favorite store and load up on supplies. New backpacks, cute clothes, packaged school supplies and healthy snacks for lunches to help our little ones focus. Sadly though, many families are not as fortunate.



BUT – did you know that more than 16 million children in the United States – or approximately 22% – live below the federal poverty level?

Although it might seem a great task to make a dent in this statistic, we can help. By gathering gently used backpacks and stuffing them with basic school supplies, we can help these children get a head start this school year. Not only will it supply them with school supplies they need for this year but it will also warm their hearts knowing that someone really cares and believes that they can succeed.

This month through the end of September, we are asking for our Ambassadors to help these kids out and spread the word. Tell friends, adults, kids, neighbors that you are doing a food drive to start kids off the right way this school year. Have Mom and Dad send out emails asking friends and co-workers to drop off gently used or new backpacks or school supplies. Even 5 notebooks for $5 makes a difference. Click here to view the basic instructions you can share with friends and on social media.

To add some fun to this project and give our local OC kids a good hands-on education on why helping these families is important, on Friday, August 14th several of our Ambassadors and friends will be heading to the Orange County Great Park to the Incredible Edible Farm at the Second Harvest Food Bank. Anyone ages 7 and up can sign up, visit the farm/bank, pick the crops that will be sent to these families, tour the food bank and learn how we are helping those in need in Orange County.  Please click here for the food challenge for this month and photos of our visit a year ago to the food bank.

This is a wonderful event that generally has a one year wait list to attend. If you are interested in joining the Ambassadors please email us by August 9th your request to attend and how many people are in your group.

Go Ambassadors G-O! You are making such a huge difference in the world!

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