Last Call for Leftover Halloween for Military (And Why You Shouldn’t Give it to your Dentist)

Now that we’re all coming off our sugar highs from this week we’ve maybe started looking around and started noticing the changing vibe. That or the aroma of our jack-o-lanterns going a bit too ripe out on the porch is bringing us to. It’s almost time to close the Halloween chapter, friends. But as we transition into November, our sacred month of gratitude awareness, we’re asking that you give Halloween one more hurrah, by donating leftover candy to our troops, along with a card thanking them for their service with drawings or explanations about what a hero means to you.


November 11th is Veteran’s Day and we’re enlisting our ambassadors this month to create care packages for our troops. We believe that a good way people can help Veterans is by showing support for active military. Why? Because in keeping military members overseas connected and engaged with life back home, perhaps we can alleviate some of the disconnect they may struggle with when returning home, and therefore nurture healthier and happier Veterans. And Veterans returning home in a better place can then better support others in their networks, young and old.


November 15th is the last day that Operation Gratitude will be collecting Halloween candy for the troops.


There are multiple drop-off locations for Operation Gratitude all over Southern California, as well as the rest of the nation. You can search locations in your zip code here. Don’t forget to fill out a donation form, available on the site. We love Operation Gratitude because they make it so easy to donate. Any amount of candy you’re able to give makes a difference. It means a morale boost for scared young men and women in a foreign place, it means connection and recognition, and it means dignity and a sense of normalcy. Cards from kids also give service members hope.


If you miss the November 15th deadline, no problem.


Operation Shoe Box takes donations all year round that aren’t limited to candy. Ambassadors have the option this year to be a part of this program and create a holiday care package for soldiers overseas, providing them with canned turkey, holiday treats, hard candies, toiletries, magazines, and coffee. Click here for more details, or check out our November Campaign for step-by-step instructions.


The One Time you Can Skip Dentist (maybe)


Sure, your dentist may have really cool prizes in exchange for your candy, but in spirit with the month of Thanksgiving and Veterans Day, we’re challenging our ambassadors to set an example in their communities by demonstrating a tiny sacrifice that will make a huge difference for a young man or woman in combat overseas. And while some dentists do participate in Operation Gratitude (check with your dentist, and mad props if they do!) many just throw candy away. Be an ambassador for troops as well as for the planet this holiday, by donating your candy and saying ”thank you” to all you serve.