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The #1 Thing the News Stations Should Be Talking About But Aren’t

My new favorite pop culture word – “Philanthro-kids”. By definition they are kids or teens (“pilanthro-teens”) that have a love of humanity and partake in ”private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life “. Why aren’t we talking about this? Where is the coverage on these kids and why this is an emerging trend? Clearly we know enough about the rise in drug, alcohol, violence and promiscuity in kids and teens these days but where are the news reporters and writers when it comes to this topic? We need something to drive our youth’s focus towards the positive […]

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The Real Story behind the Ice Bucket Epidemic

  The Ice Bucket Challenge. Have I done it? No. Would I? Sure, but I would rather give the $100 donation for ALS directly instead as selfies and an all eyes on me video just makes me a bit uneasy. If you look at my past performing for thousands of fans in a stadium and teaching fitness in front of others you would think I love being on point in front of an audience but I much prefer sitting on the sidelines myself. Plus, everyone that knows me knows I hate the cold. I mean really hate the cold – […]

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What We Can Learn From Robin Williams’ Death

  This is my longest post I have done. If you read anything read the last paragraph that is bolded. However if you have some time please read. It may be information that might be useful for someone you know in the future. Thanks~  Kim I think this week made a lot of people think. I tend to not care too much about the struggles celebrities say they have. You know what I mean, “I was teased for my weight” or “My parents didn’t love me” – these sorts of headlines that I feel are contrived for the sole purpose […]

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