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Why You Should Do This Before Your Next Gift Exchange (plus 9 awesome charities for the holidays)

Here is a kindness hack that will also make your holiday shopping easier and more meaningful this season, with this great challenge inspired by one of our own staff. It really works and has been a wonderful way to involve the children in her family for many years. Plus it seriously eliminates the time and hassle of finding “the perfect gift” because it’s practically perfect in every way.   We all have that person in our family who seems like they already have, well everything. You know the ones I’m talking about. They probably already have the iPhone X. They […]

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Best Ways to Donate for Hurricane Harvey Relief

What to donate for Hurricane Harvey?   We haven’t been able to turn on the news this week without seeing countless images of devastated communities amid the brown floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey, and the fatal aftermath that has devastated the state of Texas and other nearby areas. The vulnerability of its victims and the heroic rescue efforts of local community members have together touched the hearts of our nation tremendously, spurring a call to action like never before.   And yet, sometimes relief aid can be just as messy as the damage it’s trying to clean up. Hurricane Harvey has […]

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