Best Ways to Donate for Hurricane Harvey Relief

What to donate for Hurricane Harvey?


We haven’t been able to turn on the news this week without seeing countless images of devastated communities amid the brown floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey, and the fatal aftermath that has devastated the state of Texas and other nearby areas. The vulnerability of its victims and the heroic rescue efforts of local community members have together touched the hearts of our nation tremendously, spurring a call to action like never before.


And yet, sometimes relief aid can be just as messy as the damage it’s trying to clean up. Hurricane Harvey has been a difficult disaster to navigate for relief efforts because of lack of access. Flooding has prevented storage facilities to be used for aid sent, and an abundance of physical items donated, although well-intended, have been more of a burden for organizers than a help. Moreover, the demands of aid change week to week as floods dissipate, meaning that much-needed shelter supplies sent one day won’t do much the next, as displaced people return home to rebuild.


The bottom line, as frank as it might sound, is Texas needs cash. And not just in the hurricane’s wake but for years and years to come.


We’ve already seen media coverage trickle away from the hurricane over the last few days as the weather has normalized and the dramatic rescues are no longer offering reporters the front-page stories they did in the eye of the storm. But the real rescue is only beginning, as people return to their homes and attempt to rebuild their lives. And they certainly can’t do it alone.


Long-term donation of money is going to fund crucial things such as the construction of permanent housing, community programs for victims, job-placement, school reconstruction, repairing infrastructure, preventative initiatives for future flooding … the list goes on and on. And while these things might not strike us with the sense of urgency as say an immediate donation of food for children in shelters, experts advise that drawn out cash donations are best.


Best Charities for Hurricane Harvey


With relief efforts so far reaching, and over 300 Hurricane Harvey GoFundMe campaigns, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. A number of “charities” have already been identified as scams in the wake of the hurricane, and experts are urging givers to do their homework. ISP has decided to do the research for you, and we’re recommending the following to our generous donors and ambassadors:


American Red Cross

Greater Houston Community Foundation: Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

United Way of Greater Houston



The Center for Disaster Philanthropy

SPCA of Texas


How to donate to Texas?


Sure, monetary giving doesn’t feel as personal as sending say, a homemade blanket, stuffed animals, or canned food. And it’s not always easy for us to give cash when we have our own financial burdens. Sometimes all we have to give is our time, our talents, our love, and our support.


The good news is that with a little creativity, time, and awareness, funds can be collected and you can still feel personally connected to your effort. ISP is making the September campaign the ambassador’s handbook for the perfect fundraiser, in a step-by-step guide of how to involve your friends, family, and community in raising cash for hurricane victims. It can be as simple as a lemonade stand, or as involved as an open mic night at your school or community center. Your community will love the chance to show their support and you’ll be surprised by the amount of generosity shown. Sometimes people just need a platform that personalizes their giving. Our ambassadors have the chance to be that platform for Hurricane Harvey relief this September and onward.

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