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Why Are We Giving Away Our Own Money For Kindness Characters?

Our Kids Kindness Contest is extended until the end of this month! Why? We have received the most amazing things from kids of all ages. I knew we would get some really amazing characters submitted and were excited to see the ideas were developed by all ages. What I don’t think I fully expected was the depth in which kids can articulate kindness. They are simple ideas that seem so logical once you read them but as adults we for some reason just can’t seem to relay it in such an organic manner. It’s quite fascinating to see actually. So […]

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We May Not Be Able to Change the World Right Now, But We Can Do Our Best to Change Our Children

I am not one to watch the news as much as I used to. I always want to be up to date on the world events, politics and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation when required – however I can only take so much. I am one of those people that can’t just watch the devastation unfold on CNN and then go about my normal daily routine. I get sucked in and somehow physically can place myself in someone’s strife and heartache (ie. families of the Malaysian crashes or situations with ISIS), my empathy has no boundaries. Over […]

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Dads, Please Date Your Daughters

    Father’s Day, a wonderful day to honor Dads everywhere but also a great day to remember the important role they play. Of course we all know how great Dads are as role models to their sons whether it be emulating what a good provider and hard worker looks like or coaching their soccer teams to build that father-son bond. However what many fathers sometimes don’t realize is that in many ways they have more impact on their daughters than even their mothers especially during their early childhood and adolescence. It is this amazing, strong, intelligent man we call […]

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