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The Single Most Important Piece In the News Today – And It Doesn’t Involve ISIS or Ebola

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I have friends all over so I love that it keeps me connected with them but hate that it has caused so many problems in our youth. There is no truer statement than the one I have heard lately, “I am so glad social media, camera phones and fingertip technology wasn’t around when I was in school”. Amen. What has been cool about social media however in these past few months is watching the ideologies of ISP flourish and grow to over 10K followers on Facebook and over 5K on Instagram in […]

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The Gift Everyone Wants, but Not Everyone is Lucky to Get

My intention and direction with this blog was always to promote kindness, gratitude, and a pathway to a happier, more fulfilling life in a time when the world seems smothered in ugliness. As I post various fun and interactive ideas to sprinkle kindness and love wherever you roam, I wanted to discuss the best but sometimes most difficult act of love and kindness one can offer. It’s certainly one of the kindest gifts one can give but certainly comes with challenges for most. This, my friends, is the gift of time. What’s a gift without a little effort involved? We […]

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Annonymous wands of kindness

Kindness doesn’t always have to be done face to face. One amazing woman shared her story with us about who she gave her first wand to and what she did with it. “This is my friend. He lives down the street from me and has lived here near the beach for a while. I don’t know his name nor do I know his story that lead him to this life. Many times I will drop off things he will need but I always do it when he is asleep. I knew he needed a new sleeping bag to keep him […]

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